Memories – 10 years – Limerick to twin with Big Apple


MAYOR Diarmuid Scully, who has just returned from a trip to New York city, has confirmed that Limerick is to be twinned with the Big Apple, in a ceremony later this year.

”While we were over there, we met with Christine Quinn, who is the first ever Irish woman Speaker on New York City Council and we have an agreement that they will come over later this year and we expect the twinning documents to be signed some time between April and June,” Mayor Scully said.

Asked what being twinned with arguably the world’s greatest city would mean for Limerick, Mayor Scully said: “A twinning is very much what you make of it. It can either be a document sitting on a shelf or it can be a living, breathing relationship.

"We expect it will bring benefits to Limerick through cultural co-operation, business and tourism links.”