WATCH: 96 year old granny describes Limerick v Clare as 'dirtiest match ever'

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter


Limerick's own 'Granny Theresa', as she is affectionately known, has become something of an internet sensation following a video taken by her grandson John Paul that he shared online. 

Theresa, 96, was watching the Limerick versus Clare Munster championship match last weekend at her daughter's house and John Paul captured his grandmother's passion for the Limerick senior hurlers. 

"Well it was the dirtiest match I ever in my life saw. And I saw dirty matches," - commented Theresa, who is from Ballykeefe in Co. Limerick. 

The former Woolworths employee watches hurling every single weekend and is a massive fan of John Kiely's side. 

Speaking to the Limerick Leader, Theresa's grandson John Paul said: "She is hurling mad. She loves Limerick and watches them in every single match they play. She was gutted they lost on Sunday, but as you can see in the video, she was not happy with some of the tactics employed in the game"

"How they are not blind and taken off in an ambulance, I'll never know," is just one example of Theresa's magnificent commentary on the game. 

The former Irish dancing champion was supportive to the end too. John Paul confirmed that when Limerick eventually lost out to Clare, Theresa was on hand to put it all into perspective

"Sure I am very proud of my boys all the same," she added.