WATCH: New campaign to knock controversial wall in Limerick estate

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


MOYROSS residents have reignited a campaign to knock a controversial wall dividing their estate and the rest of the northside.

After ‘Build our Road’ comes ‘Knock our Wall’ - with activists who led the campaign to get the €58m Coonagh to Knockalisheen link restarted, now turning their attention to removing the ten-foot structure, compared by one to the “Palestinian Wall.”

They have won the backing of Land Development Agency (LDA) chair John Moran, who said: “In Ireland we should not build walls between communities, we should take them down.”

Demolishing the wall will provide open access from the estate to Thomond Village, the Old Cratloe Road, and the rest of the northside.

Without the wall, it would only be a  short walk between Moyross and the Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT). But as it stands, Moyross residents face a 29-minute, three-kilometre trek through Ballynanty and Thomond.

“It’s not so much about opening a wall to allow Moyross to get to LIT. It’s about taking down the wall so Moyross is actually the home of LIT,” added Mr Moran.

There are strong feelings on the other side of the wall to keep it standing, but Jason Craig, a family support worker at Corpus Christi School, thinks all feelings can be taken on board.

Speaking about the wall – which has danger signs warning of a razor wire on the other side – he said:

“It really has a negative impact on people. If you see it, and you’re closed in by that, it does diminish your hopes and dreams and makes you feel like an outsider.

“There are hundreds of kids around here cycling their bikes having to stare at the wall.”

On the other side of the wall is a student village, and Mr Craig believes it might represent a psychological barrier to Moyross kids feeling they can go to third level.