WATCH: 'A shining light': Limerick pub finally has a reason to toast something

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


A LOCAL pub finally has something to celebrate this year after winning the Limerick City Tidy Towns award.

Like so many other pubs, Flannerys in Lower Shannon Street has spent the majority of 2020 closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

When the family business does re-open – hopefully at the start of December – its owners will have a trophy to proudly show off after winning a public vote and being named Limerick City Tidy Towns’ business of the year.

“It’s been a shining light in a very tough year,” said proprietor Paul Flannery, “It’s fantastic, it’s a great achievement for my family. My Dad is here since 1965. To be recognised the work and effort the bar has meant to the city centre is great.”

Limerick City’s monthly Tidy Towns prize has been on hiatus due to the pandemic – and Flannery’s award has been given from the 12 monthly winners in 2019.

Maura O’Neill, Limerick City Tidy Towns​, said: “We knew in January who our winners were but when we got to organising our annual event, lockdown happened. We thought maybe we could do in April or May. But here we are in November out of doors!”

It’s hoped to start giving monthly awards – for businesses which make a special effort to keep their exteriors clean and looking great – from January next.​

Paul said: “Things can only get better. We are looking forward to what Christmas will bring this year, and hopefully next year will be a lot better. This year has been really hard. The uncertainty is tough to get your head around.”

“It’s been such a bad year, so the recognition from Limerick City Tidy Towns that we are doing something right and contributing to the city centre is fantastic,” he added.

Helen O’Donnell, Limerick City Tidy Towns added: “The really nice thing about this win is that it’s a public vote. This is a long-standing Limerick business, a couple of generations and another generation coming along. It's really good to have a family business win this prize, and we are really delighted.”