WATCH: Winner, winner chicken dinner - Limerick man's unique celebration of Euromillions win

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


A LIMERICK man who scooped a life-changing €500,000 over the weekend has revealed he celebrated with a chicken dinner!

Taxi driver Eddie Costelloe, who lives in Moyross, won the six figure sum on Friday night, and paid tribute to his late mother Helen for persuading him to chase his dream of one day winning the lottery.

He did just this, and now he is looking to buy his council house in Cliona Park, as well as a holiday home in Lanzarote.

But before the beer flowed - thanks to a celebration at the Greenhills Hotel - it was a staple dinner for the delighted father-of-two.

"When I came back initially, I put on some chicken wings as I was hungry. My wife was away with the kids, and it was just me and the dog. I put it up on the counter, went on the lottery app, scanned the ticket, and was told I had won big, and I should keep the ticket safe," he explained.

"That's when the hands and legs and mind started racing, so I just grabbed the ticket, jumped into the car, drove back down to my sisters. I genuinely thought I'd won €5,000. But my brother-in-law checked it, we were sitting down, and his son was alongside him. They told me I had won half a million euro," Eddie added.

It was then he began to scream and shout in disbelief - and he admits two days later, the big win has still not yet sunk in.

"I still had to pinch myself this morning and ask myself if it's real. But i'm just beginning to believe it is real now. I do these three numbers in the lotto, 4-7-13, the date my mother died. I got them up twice in a year so I got €7,500 each from two lots of numbers in the bookies. I always had it in me I was going to win bid. My wife will tell you It was coming. It's unbelievable, it's hard to grasp it really," he explained.

Despite the life-changing sum, Eddie - who is married to Antoinette and has two kids, Cian, 5, and Megan, 9 - will not quit work.

"But I am going to go and buy myself a Mercedes sprinter," admitted Eddie, who will continue delivering parcels for UPS.

Antoinette also hopes to have new wheels, in her case a new Hyundai Tucson

One thing that will not change though, is the family will remain in Moyross.

"This is a council house, and we don't want to move. We love Moyross, we were born and reared out this way, so we plan on staying here," Antoinette added.