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CAR OF THE DAY: Begin your electric journey with a Toyota Hybrid

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter



Toyota are delighted to announce that they have kept their position as Ireland's Best Selling Car Brand, to date, in 2021.

They are also thrilled to share that four of their models are in the top 10 best selling cars in Ireland

 Toyota C-HR




Pure electricity, powered by battery, may well be the future. Hybrid Electric is the here and now. Drive a Toyota Hybrid, and you're already in electric mode, more than 50% of the time. Toyota mastered Hybrid technology way back in 1997. Ever since, we have led the world in sustainable mobility. And that's why we have just released all 24,000 of our Hybrid patents to the world, so everyone can join us on the road to a better world. Today.

How do self-charging hybrids work?

Switching seamlessly between power sources automatically, a full Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle gives you the flexibility to drive using electric energy, or a blend of petrol and electric combined.

Toyota hybrids always use the electric motors to drive the vehicle, whilst the petrol engine supplies power to electric motors when needed and supports a generator to charge the hybrid battery too.

Toyota self-charging hybrids not only save you fuel and money, but they also offer lower CO2 emissions when compared to conventional engines.

To find out more, the Sales Team at Brian Geary Toyota are available online www.briangeary.ie or by calling 061-225225

They look forward to hearing from you.


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