WATCH: BMW launch ultimate 182 test drive campaign nationwide

Alan Owens


BMW Ireland have just launched a brand new 182 campaign nationwide, which means it’s the first time in Ireland, consumers can take a twenty four hour test drive with a BMW, the ultimate driving machine.

The campaign focuses on the Ultimate Experiences that Ireland has to offer - being such a small island, everything is on our doorstep, beaches, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, sport and heritage.

The central theme to the campaign explores what drives us to find the ‘Ultimate’ experience; the ultimate swim spot, the ultimate trek, the ultimate day trip, the ultimate drive or even the ultimate bowl of seafood chowder! And what better way to discover them by taking a new BMW model for a test drive?!

Conlans Limerick is the participating Limerick dealer for this campaign. Therefore consumers in the Limerick/Clare areas, who are thinking about a BMW, can take it away for a full twenty hours to see whether it fits their lifestyle and see for themselves how it feels and looks, which makes this campaign something different and unique.

The 182 campaign also includes customer contributions of up to nine percent across any new BMW model for a limited period (Available on all BMW models. Excludes BMW i8 and BMW i3 models). This offer is available on all new BMW models ordered or registered before 30th September 2018.

For more, see Conlans Limerick.