WATCH: Limerick's Emma Langford releases video for 'Mariana' single

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter


Limerick singer-songwriter Emma Langford has released a music video for her latest release 'Mariana'. The music video, produced and directed by, and starring, Kildare-based artist Sophia Cadogan highlights the uplifting, comforting song, taken from her forthcoming album ‘Sowing Acorns’ due out this September. 

 "I tried to capture the essence of Emma’s song - a story of a woman that has been oppressed by her circumstances and trying to summon the strength to rediscover her true self." says Cadogan. 

"It was challenging to make something like this while on COVID-19 lockdown, with no options for cast or crew and using only what locations and equipment that were available to us." 

The music video for Mariana explores the idea that as we get older, we often lose touch with our inner child, and our creative self. The main character is a victim of her own repression, desperate for escape; a captive in her own life, her own mind. The video sees her re-discover herself and find the inner peace she needs to deal with isolation.  

An exceptionally talented visual artist and actor, Sophia used only what was available to her within the confines of her own home to make this beautifully evocative music video. 

"Shot over the last week in my own home and garden (and a nice hill that is within the 2km boundary) I tried to paint a picture of woman with a wild, creative spirit that is trapped within her own mind. It was important to me that I captured the sense of strength and femininity that I heard weaving through Emma’s beautiful song and do justice to Mariana’s story. I did, thankfully, have great help from Patrick and Saoirse Casey who stepped in behind the camera, and from JP Quill who colour-graded the project remotely." 

As her forthcoming album Sowing Acorns was being pieced together, Emma made the decision each track would be a series of dedications, with a strong focus on the women in her life. Mariana is dedicated to the memory of Angeles Ito and LesleyAnne Liddane; “two women who were dazzling streaks of colour in a grey world, who cared deeply about others, and who would have urged me to find the joy in everything, to push on, to keep going.”

The song is also available to buy/stream on Bandcamp, and all profits from its sale will go to Safe Ireland's Covid Emergency Fund. Safe Ireland is a nationwide network of 38 local shelters and agencies including Clare Haven and Adapt in Limerick.