WATCH: First new hangar in 20 years to be built at Shannon Airport

Mike Finnerty


Mike Finnerty


THE first airplane hangar built in Ireland for 20 years is on track to completed at Shannon Airport by the end of the year.

Shannon is home to Ireland’s longest runway, and once the hangar is complete it will also be home to Ireland’s largest hangar and widest door.

The behemoth of a structure boasts a floor area of 92,000 sq ft; enough to hold 30 full-size tennis courts, standing room for 34,000 people, or five Olympic-size swimming pools.

Commenting on the need for the new hangar Mary Considine, CEO, Shannon Group said: “Shannon Airport has the largest hangar footprint of any Irish airport, with nine hangars. These are fully occupied and this project is being undertaken to meet demand for additional space and fulfil our role in growing and expanding Shannon’s cluster of aviation businesses.”

“The development of such a major project demonstrates our commitment in this respect. It is part of an overall €100 million investment programme which the Group will have delivered for the region by the end of this year,” Considine added.

The project was supported by ISIF (Ireland Strategic Investment Fund) and Donal Murphy, Head of Infrastructure and Credit Investments for the ISIF, said: “ISIF’s investment is our second major investment in Shannon Airport, bringing our total funding for enhancing its infrastructure to €26m.”

“This investment demonstrates our ongoing commitment to regional development in line with the new ISIF investment strategy, announced earlier this year.”

“Coupled with ISIF’s other major commercial investments in regional infrastructure, ISIF is aiming to improve the connectivity of Ireland’s regions and make it easier for Irish employers to access global markets, find new customers and sell more to existing customers,” he added.

The new hangar cost €18 million and created over 150 jobs during the 14-month construction period.

Over 1,200 tons of structural steel was used in construction, with over 9,000 cubic metres of concrete used during the process.

Post-completion, the hangar will be able to facilitate multiple types of aircraft, from a simple single-engine plane, all the way up to the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

“We are delighted to have secured IAC as a tenant for the hangar which is consistent with the Government’s National Aviation Policy to develop the aviation and aerospace sector in Shannon. It demonstrates government commitment to enhance Ireland’s attractiveness and encourage more aviation businesses to locate and expand, ”added Ms. Considine.