WATCH: 'Jobs could be at stake in Limerick': Senator raises Analog 'shutdown' concerns

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


SINN Fein Senator Paul Gavan has urged Enterprise Minister Heather Humphreys to intervene in Donald Trump's decision to blacklist Huawei.

Companies across the USA are barred from doing business with the Chinese electronics giant, and the impact of this is being felt in Limerick, with reports that Analog Devices - headquartered Stateside - is being forced to slow down production.

Some 1,200 staff work in Analog, which produces chips for Huawei devices at its vast factory in Raheen.

"This just brings home the damage this President is doing," Mr Gavan told the Seanad this Thursday, "We are talking about 1,200 of the best jobs in Limerick. These are unionised jobs. These are good quality jobs from one of the longest standing employers in the region."

"I have friends in that plant, and there is real concern," the Senator added, "What is our government doing? I know I heard the Tanaiste admit there was no evidence presented against Huawei into charges of spying and so on and so forth. But we need to be doing more than that. We need to be having the backbone to stand up to the US bullying coming from President Trump. Not just because it is morally wrong, but it is economically wrong. It's damaging. If this blacklist continues, the consequences for those 1,200 workers in Analog could be very serious indeed."

He urged Ms Humphreys to address the Upper House, and asked: "What are we doing at European level to say in one clear voice that this nonsense blacklisting of Huawei must end, and this bullying attitude must end."

"Jobs could be at stake at one of the best companies in Ireland," he concluded.

In response, the leader of the house, Jerry Buttimer said he would reflect these concerns onto Ms Humphreys.