WATCH: Jason Corbett’s son posts emotional video tribute to slain Limerick man

Alan Owens


THE son of murdered Limerick man Jason Corbett has moved people to tears with a powerful performance in memory to both his parents.

Jack Lynch, 14, posted his version of Dancing in the Sky as a Christmas tribute to his father and in memory of his late mother, Margaret ‘Mags’ Fitzpatrick.

On his own YouTube channel, young Jack wrote: “This is dedicated to my Mam and Dad Mags and Jason Corbett and to anybody out there who has lost a parent.”

Thousands of people have already seen the emotional cover of the Dani and Lizzy Nelson song, with one user writing: “Just simply amazing. Absolutely beautiful. The living image of his Mam.”

Another added: “That voice!!! Absolutely amazing!”

A talented singer, Jack is a regular performer, with his guardian Tracey Lynch - Jason’s sister - posting a number of videos of him performing previously.

On Facebook this Tuesday, she shared the video, writing: “Here is our son dedicating Dancing in the Sky to his Mam and Dad in Heaven. I am so proud of you Jack. We will never forget those we have lost, we don’t want to. Along with the greatest sadness of missing them lives a galaxy of gratitude for having shared love with them. Our connections shaped our lives and we will always miss you Jason and Mags.”

Jack, an elder brother of Sarah, was just two when his mum died from an ashtma attack. He was only 11 when his father was murdered in North Caroline in 2015.

Jason Corbett's father-in-law Tom Martens, and his second wife, Molly Martens, are serving prison sentences of up to 25 years, after being convicted of his slaying.

Tracey, who heads up Tait House in Southill, cares for Jack and Sarah with her husband David Lynch.

In the last three years, the couple have waged a courageous battle for justice for Mr Corbett.