WATCH: Limerick fans take to the street to Rock the Boat after hurling victory

Aine Fitzgerald


Aine Fitzgerald

THE tension of the final moments of Limerick’s historic All-Ireland victory was replaced by scenes of unadulterated joy in Kilmallock where fans performed Rock the Boat on the town's main street.

Right on the final whistle, supporters of the boys in green, left public houses and homes to sit down one behind another on the white line in the middle of Lord Edward Street to take part in the traditional wedding celebration.

“There were people taking photos and video, cars beeping horns, just madness, but brilliant madness,” commented one local.

The video, which was uploaded to Facebook by Vera Finn, has brought a smile to many a fan’s face in Limerick and beyond.

“Limerick gone mad, this is excellent,” read one comment.

“Only in Kilmallock,” said another.

Kilmallock, of course, was represented by four players on the all-conquering panel in the form of Greame Mulcahy, Barry Hennessy, Paddy O'Loughlin and Oisin O'Reilly, along with county board secretary Mike O'Riordan.