Podcast: Garth Brooks says Limerick fans will be “taken care of”

Country music superstar Garth Brooks says special arrangements will be put in place to ensure Limerick people will be able to secure tickets for his fourth concert at Croke Park in the summer.

Tickets for the concert, which will take place on Monday July 28, will go on sale at 9am on Thursday.

Last week, dozens of Limerick people - some of whom queued for days - were left disappointed when they failed to secure tickets for the first three concerts - which sold out within 90 minutes.

However, speaking on Live 95FM’s Limerick Today programme this morning, Garth says special arrangements are being made by Ticketmaster and Aiken Promotions, to ensure anybody in Limerick who wants tickets for the fourth concert will get them.

“Peter Aiken has given me his personal promise that Limerick will be taken care of and shown favourtism for what they went through and how they handled it,” he said.