VIDEO: Limerick students see crash response simulation

PUPILS from St Enda’s Community School and CBS Sexton Street were on hand to witness the aftermath of a crash first hand in the University of Limerick today.

The school kids watched and participated in an emergency services demonstration that took place with a full crash response simulation.

The event - timed to coincide with College Awareness Week - was part of an orientation day hosted by the UL Access Office in collaboration with the Graduate Entry Medical School, which is currently developing an undergraduate programme in Paramedic Studies, the focus of the event.

“The new course for us is paramedic science, so what we are trying to do is to show the school students who are in year two or three, what it might be like to be a paramedic,” explained Professor Michael Larvin, head of the GEMS.

“We have had an exciting demonstration of a car crash, an extrication and really the aim is to show them that they are working in a team, a big team. We have the civil defence here, the guards, some medics, paramedics and emergency medical technicians.

“The whole purpose of the exercise is to show that it is all about team work, it is not about the individual, you are never alone working in healthcare, it is about working in a team. That’s so important,” he added.

The group received a briefing in advance of the activity and participated in a post exercise de-brief with the services involved. The full crash response simulation included paramedics from the National Ambulance Service, Civil Defence EMTs, Clare Fire Service and An Garda Siochana Traffic Corps.

- Video by Alan Place and Sean Curtin of Fusionshooters