VIDEO: Students Seinn on stage at massive concert in UCH

Leader Report


Leader Report

ALMOST 500 students from across the dioceses of Limerick and Killaloe came together for a massive concert in the UCH last week.

Seinn 2015 featured pupils from 24 schools in Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and Offaly as part of an initiative that aims to promote liturgical music among second-level students, and is a collaboration between the Dioceses.

The students formed a 500-strong choir, performing 22 songs in total at the concert last Thursday, which was unique in many ways, not least of which is the fact that the choir met for the first time ever the morning of the concert after rehearsing remotely over recent months, while the lead vocalists and instrumentalists rehearsed together a number of times in the run-up.

“The dioceses of Limerick and Killaloe are here with 500 students on the UL campus as part of the Seinn music project,” explained Fr Richard Purcell of Mt St Joseph, Roscrea.

“It was begun back in 2013 to promote liturgical music in the schools of the two dioceses and with a wider remit then to bring that music of the parishes in which the students live.

“So the students will present a concert of 22 pieces of liturgical music, ranging from chant right up to newly composed pieces - in fact a piece just composed last year.”

The students took part in rehearsals and workshops on topics such as faith, prayer, social justice and liturgical music and dance before a rehearsal in the afternoon and the full performance on the UCH stage that evening.

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