Limerick poetry festival presents a weekend of words

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Limerick poetry festival presents a weekend of words

Poet Shane Vaughan says the festival is for everyone

LIMERICK city centre will become a hub for poetry and artistic expression as the Stanzas Festival kicks off this week.

From Thursday, July 14, to Sunday, July 17, a variety of poetry, music and theatre events will take place in a number of venues across the city, celebrating the birthday of the monthly Stanzas poetry group.

Organiser and renowned local poet Shane Vaughan said that last year’s festival was a “great success”, and that this year will be a test for the event’s future development.

“If we can do this and pull this off, not only are doing things, achieving things, it’s also an example of what we can do for ourselves and what we can grow on for 2020,” he said. 

Readings, musical performances, mixed media theatre and various artistic performances will take place at the Savoy Hotel, Lucky Lane, Hook & Ladder, Limerick Writers’ Centre and Hunt Museum, over the four day cultural celebration.

“There are different types of poetry, which people tend to forget. If you say that you like music, people will ask you ‘what kind of genre?’ Whereas if you say that you like poetry, people won’t ask ‘what genre?’ There are a number of genres; you have experimental, video poems, you have got slam poetry, political poetry, and we try to amalgamate a few of these different things in these areas. There should be something for everyone,” he enthused.

He added that funding from the monthly Stanzas meetings, crowdfunding, Limerick City and County Council, and the Arts Council have “really set us up for this big, proper bang”.

To experience the creative line-up for the Stanza festival next week, all information can be found online at