Limerick Mind your Health exhibition

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Limerick Mind your Health exhibition

Anna Gibson-Steel, founder of the Holistic Centre of Excellence

THE LEVEL of stress that each and every one of us is expected to endure on a daily basis is now reacing epidemic levels, believes Anna Gibson-Steel, of the Holistic Centre of Excellence in Ballyvourneen, Cappamore.

The centre is co-ordinating the third Mind your Health exhibition this Sunday, March 13 at the Strand Hotel from noon to 6pm.

It will feature 30 exhibitors including medical practitioners, nutrition experts, mental health organisations, holistic therapists, fitness gurus, health food suppliers, stress management advisers, and lectures from international experts including cancer survivor Bernadette Bohan and Ms Gibson-Steel.

Ms Gibson-Steel said that one issue that everyone agreed upon during the election was the “sickness  of our health service”.  

“The one thing that each of us can do to improve the situation is to take control of our own health.  

“By taking responsibility and educating ourselves with important information about how to re-gain and maintain our health and well-being we can empower ourselves, so we are not completely at the mercy of the state’s services,” said Ms Gibson-Steel, who over 15 years has assisted thousands of clients to regain their health and quality of life. 

However, in recent years she says the amount of people suffering from stress has sky-rocketed. Ms Gibson-Steel describes a typical case.

Mary (not her real name) is a 45-year-old married lady with three children.

Her husband’s business has hit hard times; their 15-year-old son is suffering from anxiety and is doing  the  Junior Certificate this year. Their 10-year-old daughter is being bullied at school.

Mary’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years ago and her ageing mother needs help to take care him.

Mary has worked for a major corporation for the past ten years, and in recent years the demands of her job have increased dramatically. She is now expected to answer emails in the evenings and at weekends.   

“Mary’s sympathetic GP has suggested that she should start taking anti-depressants but Mary is very concerned because she witnessed how a friend became addicted to them five years ago. 

“Apart from all the other issues going on in Mary’s life, she is terrified that if she has a break-down, the whole family will fall apart.

“Mary is not mentally ill – she is simply overwhelmed by life,” said Ms Gibson-Steel.

Mary has visited the clinic and “now feels that she can cope with life, and furthermore she has the tools to improve every day”. 

“In my work the focus is always on how to get better, not why you are overwhelmed. 99.9% of people absolutely know why they are at breaking point, what they don’t know is how to get better,” said the holistic therapist.

To ensure your seat at the lectures on Sunday in the Strand Hotel priority will be given to those with on-line bookings from

Proceeds will go to local causes – the Children’s Ark, the neo natal clinic and CARI through Limerick's Live 95FM 95 stop tour for Limerick kids. For more  contact or 061-381947.