Opportunity to be a ‘Royal volunteer’ at huge Limerick event

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Royal de Luxe wants you: the French pageantry company is bringing its Giant show to Limerick for City of Culture in September
IT has been billed as the “biggest thing to happen in Limerick since the Pope’s visit”, and now you can be part of it.

IT has been billed as the “biggest thing to happen in Limerick since the Pope’s visit”, and now you can be part of it.

French street theatre company Royal de Luxe is bringing the huge show The Giant’s Journey to Limerick in September, which is expected to be performed to 200,000 plus people over three days.

Paul Foley of City of Culture has said the “overall objective is to showcase Limerick as a location that can host and deliver events of an international standing, to a high cultural quality” with the giant to traverse the city from September 5-7.

With over 160 people involved in the €1m production, the Giant’s Journey around the city will mark a major undertaking for City of Culture, and volunteers are being sought to help present the original tale, one developed and specifically scripted for the city.

The team is looking for up to 150 volunteers to work on different areas of the show; the Benevol Team - acting as a ‘human cordon’ to guide the giant through the streets; production assistants and runners assisting in the rehearsal and preparation of the show; and parade performers, who will be part of the spectacle.

“We are looking for about 150 volunteers, that is the number we are aiming for,” explained Paul this week.

“The invitation is out there now to contact us, for anyone who would like to enjoy the experience of volunteering with what is the biggest street theatre company in the world.

“It is an opportunity for Limerick people to learn from what Royal de Luxe do, as well as enjoy the experience,” he added.

Plans for the show will see the giant “walk through and be transported on a wheelchair through the streets of Limerick”, calling to Arthur’s Quay Park, the Lee Estate, Thomond Park - and “sleeping” overnight in both Sarsfield Barracks and Shelbourne Park.

The event will commence at 9am each day and finish at 10.30pm, with spectators encouraged to watch the Giant sleeping until the site closes.

All volunteers must be over 18 and a basic level of fitness is required. You must be available for training and rehearsals on Saturday, August 30.

Full information is available online on Royal de Luxe’s website, or email volunteer@limerickcityofculture.ie.