Jon Kenny gears up for Mag Mell in LIT’s Millennium Theatre

Mag Mell's An Bean Feasa and PJ - Katie Holly and Jon Kenny - which runs in LIT's Millennium Theatre this Saturday, May 10
JON Kenny returns to the stage this Saturday with Mag Mell in LIT’s Millennium Theatre.

JON Kenny returns to the stage this Saturday with Mag Mell in LIT’s Millennium Theatre.

The actor and comedian has teamed up with Who Began It production company for the exciting new project.

Jon worked in collaboration with some of Ireland’s foremost artists to create the powerfully moving drama filled with vibrant visuals and evokative audio.

Mag Mell (Magh Meall or Plain of Joy) is an ancient mythical land off the coast of Ireland fabled for eternal peace and happiness and it is about to be invaded by the greed and materialism of the 21st century.

The Bean Feasa (Mother Earth or Wise Woman) responds to this threat as she attempts to save Mag Mell from destruction.

This tale of transformation and redemption unfolds originally through a captivating mix of dangerous anarchical scenes, delightful humour, mesmerising music, vivid colour and rapturous rhythm.

The story centres around local businessman and councillor PJ who, Jon said: “wants to be on the pulse of everything that’s going on and even though he’s on the pulse of everything that’s going on he knows nothing about what’s going on around him in the real sense of the word.”

Other characters who interact with the Bean Feasa are four former members of a successful band who have fallen out while playing live on stage and their respective redemptive journeys provide an interesting plot to the play.

Jon worked on the project with visual artist and puppeteer Des Dillon, flautist Conal Ó Gráda and composer/sound designer Benny McCarthy.

“It’s a physical piece of theatre and combined with the music, there’s dancing, singing, a lot of music and a lot of visuals - it’s moving, it’s funny and it’s got everything in it,” he said.

Other cast members include Katie Holly, Ciaran Ó Maonaigh, Caitlín Nic Gabhann and former De Dannan bodhran player Colm Murphy.

Mag Mell will be previewed on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show next Friday May 9, the night before the Limerick performance which is the premiere of a nationwide tour.

“If you are a fan of music - you will love it, if you are a fan of visual theatre you will love it, you will be entertained,” added Jon.

Tickets are available at or call 061 293190.