Limerick GAA finances confirm a profit of €100,000 for 2020

Jerome O'Connell


Jerome O'Connell


Limerick GAA finances confirm a profit of €100,000 for 2020

LIMERICK GAA finances show a surplus of €100,000 for 2020.

This Wednesday night Limerick County Board held a historic first Annual Convention via Zoom with 101 attendees.

Limerick GAA Treasurer Liam Bourke revealed accounts that showed a profit for the year on operating activities of €100,763.

"On a general point, results are far better than I was estimating earlier on in the year and even in budgets that I was preparing for Croke Park. A lot of that has got to do with our fund-raising efforts, the Covid subsides and that Croke Park took some of the hit for team expenses and for that we can all be grateful," Limerick GAA Treasurer Liam Bourke told the Convention.

"I would caution that the Covid-19 subsides (for wages) were €126,224 and we availed of them and that helped to steady the ship and on a personal level I am very thankful to the government for providing that for us to help keep the show on the road," said Bourke.

Total expenditure for 2020 was €1,851,779 with income at €1,952,542 - both down around €1millon.

Total income was €1,952,542, down from €2,988,371 in 2019. 

"The overall figure is down a million and almost three quarters of that is gate receipts. Our gate receipts collapsed due to Covid-19 and are down €700,000. There was no Munster Championship gate receipts and our County Championship gates were €306,000 in 2019 and we were dependent on streaming income there, which the net was about €95,000," outlined Bourke.

The County Board Treasurer was fulsome in praise of fund-raising activities.

"Our fund-raising activities are up - amazingly for the year that we had. They are up from €218,210 to €319,719. We had a very successful draw for a car and our club development draw is up considerably. We have also developed a very good Club Limerick New York and they have been very good to us in the last 12-months and I want to thank Eddie Wiley and his team out there."

The three main fund-raisers for 2020 returned over €200,000 - Club Limerick Draw €78,000, Raffle for Mercedes €77,000 and Golf Classic €48,000.

Just like income, expenditure was also down €1millon - from €2,825,596 to €1,851,779.

The cost of preparing inter-county teams (Hurling and Football from minor to senior) was down almost half a million euro.

"Expenses of county teams are down from €1,470,169 to €1,007,778 - a note of caution because these accounts are to October 31 so there is a six week period after that with our footballers finishing on November 14 and our hurlers last Sunday. There are costs that are running into 2021 but having said that there is some Croke Park funding as well to come into play for that period," said the treasurer.

Overall a most satisfactory set of accounts, but the treasurer does caution ahead of 2021. 

"Whatever about this year I think next year will be extremely difficult year and I think we will all see that in our lives but we hope that Covid will disappear and allow us to have a national league and Munster Championship and to fund-raise," he said.

However, Bourke promised to continue to try fund the inter-county teams as best possible.

"At a time when we have an extremely good side we have to make sure that we put whatever resources that are required in front of them," he said.