Appeal to Limerick hurling supporters: 'The best support we can get is to stay at home'

Jerome O'Connell


Jerome O'Connell


Appeal to Limerick hurling supporters: 'The best support we can get is to stay at home'

LIMERICK GAA chairman John Cregan has appealed to green and white hurling supporters to put Covid-19 top of their All-Ireland hurling final plans.

Two years ago Limerick over 40,000 mobilised from Shannonside for the 2018 All-Ireland SHC final but ahead of the December 13 all is very different.

The Limerick GAA chairman has appealed to all not to jeopardise public health when planning for the Limerick-Waterford final.

"We know how much the Limerick support means to us, whether we are winning or losing they have been absolutely amazing. They mean so much to us but on this occasion due to concerns for public health there is an obligation and responsibility to ensure that we do everything safely," stressed John Cregan.

"On this occasion the best support we can get is for our people to stay at home."

He explained: "We would ask that the way they can really help us on this occasion is by obeying restrictions and guidelines - we would really appreciate that and it's what we are asking for on this occasion."

"We are so glad to have the opportunity to play in an All-Ireland final and we appreciate that so much, but there is a huge obligation on us to act responsibly," the chairman told the Limerick Leader.

"Try and enjoy the game within the confines of your home and family and within guidelines. I would ask them to put up the colours with flags and bunting but everything that they do and everything that we do has to be responsible and we have to abide by regulations," he stressed. 

"On this occasion the best support we can get from the supporters we value so much is to abide by public health guidelines - we want to put first the safety of everybody."

The Limerick GAA chairman said that he was in receipt of continuing messages from supporters thankful for the championship action during Covid-19 restrictions.

"I have received an awful lot of messages from people who are so grateful and thankful that we have games. The only way we have the games is because of the protocols put in place by the GAA and because everybody has stuck to those protocols," he added.

"We still don't know where we are going to be next Spring or next Summer with Covid-19 but we all want to be back competing in championships again and we don't want to do anything to jeopardise that because we saw what happened when people didn't behave as they shouldn't have with county championship victories and the consequences were the club championships were shut down."