Mooreabbey Milers Weekly Notes

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Leader Reporter


Mooreabbey Milers Weekly Notes

Galbally community supporting our frontline. 
These are difficult unprecedented and worrying times in Ireland. We are complying with social distancing and supporting our frontline staff by keeping the numbers that are infected down. Our frontline staff are helping our country by treating people that have become infected and at the same time placing themselves at risk. We would like to help in any way we can rather than just staying at home even though we know it is the most important thing we can do. However we would like to do something more. An idea has been put forward to offer some financial assistance to the frontline staff at the University Hospital Limerick. The idea for the next two weeks is to show solidarity to our heroes but also be positive, motivational and keep healthy for ourselves. 
The following is the plan and general guidelines:
~ all clubs, organisations and individuals are invited to become involved.
~ people can walk, run or cycle whilst observing social distancing rules each day for two weeks.
~ all activities to be carried out within the 5km of your home. 
~ social distancing must be respected at all times.
~ our older people and people with physical limitations can carry out 15 minutes exercise daily. 
~ we would hope that each person would deposit a contribution during our two weeks of activities.

Donation buckets will be in O'Neills shop, Cummins shop and Barry's butchers Galbally. 
People who participate and would like to donate that can't make it to the locations above or can also donate on the go fund me page.
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4 Mile Frontline Support 
Tomorrow (Friday) we should have been gathering in our quaint little village of Galbally to remember our dear running mate and friend Michael Curley Cunningham while raising funds for a charity close to his heart. Regrettably due to our current climate conditions as previously announced we've had to postpone the Michael Curley Cunningham memorial 4 mile. 
Instead we as a club are asking you to go out and do your own 4 mile run (within your new 5k radius) and donate a few euro that you might have spent for a race to Operation Frontline on the go fund me page below that we are currently supporting. We all know someone on the frontline so this is part of our way to give back

You will have donated in honor of curleys memory to our frontline workers. 

Back With The Tominator This Week. 
Some more advice sent to me this week from the man himself Tom Blackburn. 
Hi All, Hope everything is going well with your training. This week I would like to move on a little and develop some more ideas to help you during your training.
I got another question about diet for someone who is starting training and would like some more information on diet and nutrition. I have to say that food is a very tricky subject I am no dietitian and the only honest advice I can give is basic information. The crux of the matter is some people may have food allergies and every person is different in this regard, if they eat certain foods they may have a reaction. They may have a major reaction which could lead to death or a lifetime of self-injections like diabetes or a nut allergy. The best advice I can give you is to get an allergy test done and a full blood test is probably the best way to go. That means a trip to the doctor which is a problem at the moment. In the meantime, you could try cutting out one food at a time. The foods you like most are probably the ones causing your problem.

Walking; I hope you have been getting out there and taking full advantage of this time to get fit. One of the great things at the moment is that the weather is so good it is much easier to get out and do your exercise. When you head out on your walk some people find listening to music helps to keep a good rhythm and pace going. There are some great songs so work on your play list. Just be careful if you are out on busy roads you need to be aware of traffic. Try not to become too reliant on your headphones as most events won’t allow you to wear them because insurance won’t cover you. For the first few weeks of training it is very important to maintain good posture and keep your breathing high quality. The short point are to remember are head up & eyes on the horizon, back straight and stick to the course, it takes time but you can do it. 

Running/Walking; One of the things that you will find when you start exercising is muscle pains. Muscle pain may last for days and sometimes weeks, depending on how much exercise you do. When you start from scratch the muscles produce lactic acid this is a by-product of the exercise. So funny enough the best way to get rid of these pains is to keep exercising. We normally advise people to eat a banana and drink plenty of water during training and afterwards. An Epson salts bath can also help. This is great to ease muscle pain and it’s a lovely way to relax before going to bed. Don’t be put off, this pain means you are working hard the muscles get stronger each time you exercise. It may take time for the effects to show on the outside but be happy for the moment that the body is fighting with you and in a couple of weeks you will improve a lot and the side effect of this is you feel great.
So keep at it and remember any questions to 

Cahir Half Marathon And Relay 
In line with government guidelines and in the interest of public safety we have taken the heart breaking decision to CANCEL the Cahir Half Marathon & Relay for 2020. As the clubs biggest fundraiser we would like to thank those who had registered to date. We would like to assure you all that a refund can be sought by privately messaging us on facebook or if you would prefer you can be automatically transferred to the 2021 date. Please let us know at your earliest convenience which option you will be taking. See you all in 2021. Take this as your opportunity to get in some extra training. Stay well and stay safe. We're all in this together. 

Supporting Local Community Amenities
Local club runners were doing their bit to keep the wonderful amenities we as a communuty now have in tip top conditions through out these times, keeping the mind active while maintaining social distancing. Last Monday while staying well apart some club members came together to carry out some landscape maintenance in the local community field.