Mooreabbey Milers Weekly Notes

Lynda Hynes


Lynda Hynes


Mooreabbey Milers Weekly Notes

A message of suggestion rippled through the senior committee email group 2 weeks ago. The question was could we safely help our community. It soon became clear that many members wanted to give back to their local community. So Mooreabbey Milers AC joined 'The Community Call' . 

On April 2nd last Irelands governing bodies launched “The Community Call” a major nationwide volunteering effort that links the local and national government with the community and voluntary sectors to combat the effects of COVID-19. The purpose of the Community Call is to coordinate community activity and direct community assistance to where it is most needed. The immediate focus is on the elderly and the most vulnerable having to cocoon and mobilising a rapid response in every county to make sure everyone is looked after. In the coming weeks the focus will expand to the wellbeing of our society and getting through the Covid-19 crisis.

Tipperary County authority’s community response number is 076 106 5000 or email The national number is 0818 222 024. These numbers are available from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday.

What kind of help is available ?
You can call the national number, or your local authority’s community response number if you need help with:
* Shopping for food, fuel and other essential household items. 
* Transport to medical appointments. 
* Delivery of hot meals through local meals on wheels services. 
*Collection of prescribed medicines. 
(No job too big, no distance too far.) 

*Tominator Top Tips Continue*
I was back chatting with the main man again this week, following on from last week Tom opens with:
Hi all, I hope your walking or running is going well. I got one enquiry about breathing. When you are starting to run or walk it is very difficult to get your breathing right so here's a little more to add to last week’s instructions. As you start your run or walk take a mouth full of water, this will keep you honest with the nose breathing and as we are self-isolating will stop you talking to everyone you meet. As you start breathing in count 4 steps and then as you breath out count another 4 steps. This is very doable. Make sure each breath is a full one in and remember it is just as important to get all that stale air out. 

Let's Take A Look At Nutrition
Now that you have started a program of exercise you want to make sure you don’t overdo it and nutrition is a very important part of that. Your body will start to burn fuel (food) so if you think of this like a car the fuel is most important it needs to be good and high quality. So what is high quality? All fruit, vegetables, fresh milk, meat and fish are all high quality. Chocolate, crisps, fast food, sweets and any processed food is low quality nutrition. We all eat processed foods but it is the quantity in relation to the good foods that makes the difference. This is what a good daily diet sheet would look like.
Breakfast; Porridge soaked in water or milk, boiled and add a spoon of honey to sweeten. 
Lunch; could be tea and a fresh salad of lettuce beetroot, ham and potato salad. 
Dinner; Meat with potatoes and two veg and a fruit salad for desert.
Of course this is very basic and no one is going to stick to this completely most people will have a few biscuits with their tea or go to the chipper at the weekend for their fix of fish and chips. You don’t have to be a monk just be more aware of what you put in your body. Make sure most of your food is nutritious.

Using Exercise To Loose Weight
In my opinion this is a very dangerous road to go down if you starve yourself to loose weight you won’t get there. You may end up in hospital or worse so it may be better to eat smaller amounts but more regular. When you exercise at a high intensity for 40 minutes per day this kick starts your metabolism and that is like lighting the furnace in your body. This furnace will continue to burn for 24 hours. So how do you light it? As I said 40 minutes high intensity exercise, your heart rate needs to be up to 80% of your max and you need to be out of breath, but you should be able to breathe through your nose. 

As there are no competitions at the moment and you can only stay within 2km of your house this is probably the best time to look at a few aspects of your run and what could be improved. It is really important to have good shoes so if you are looking at your trainers and they are beginning to fall apart, what do you do no shops open. Most people are going online at the moment but be careful as to buy the same type of runners as you already have, as a new brand a new style may not fit the same or feel as good. Posture is very important as you run keep your head up eyes on the horizon shoulders back chest out and your back straight. On steep inclines people tend to bend and bow so stay straight and shorten your stride. I was told one time if you start to look like you are running well some day you might.

Next week Tom talks more on technique and how to improve so for the moment work on your breathing and posture. Any questions email Tom on or alternatively message us on our Facebook page (Mooreabbey Milers AC) and we will get Tom to answer any questions you may have.