Mooreabbey Milers' - ‘Tominator' top tips for getting fit

Lynda Hynes


Lynda Hynes


Mooreabbey Milers' - ‘Tominator' top tips for getting fit

During the week I was chatting with Tom he said he had been chatting with a few people that were looking for some helpful tips to get them through these strange times we find ourselves in the moment, with no races and events going on right now, Tom thinks this is probably a good time to reassess.

Tom decided to write a piece on training for beginners and would like to open this up to everyone in the community whether you are a runner walker or couch potato.

To start whether walking or running wear some nice light clothes and some nice soft comfortable training shoes. The most important thing is to start slow, if you haven’t exercised in a long time take it easy and don’t do too much on the first few sessions. Take 10 minutes to warm up, you want to keep going for 30 to 40 minutes without stopping. You will need to get your heart rate up, your breathing needs to be laboured but not out of control.

So how do you do this and stay going? The most important part of any training is to get your breathing right. It doesn’t matter much whether you run or walk your breathing determines how long you can go and how fast you can keep going for. Here is a little trick which works really well breath in and out through your nose.

The idea behind this is until you improve your breathing you have to go slow. If you just head off and breathe through your mouth what you will find is you have a low level of fitness and you will soon be gasping for breath. After a short period of time you will be so under pressure that you will feel that you have no choice but to stop, because you have gone so much into oxygen death. Because you have gone into oxygen death everything will ache when you get home.

So stick to the course and it will be worth it. If you think that you can’t breathe through your nose and walk briskly slow down and give it a chance it is quite normal to want to go fast and you will but take your time and it will happen. If you have been walking for a while and feel that you would like to try running but aren’t sure how to go about it here is a little trick to help you get started.

Try breathing in and out through your nose as you start running try not to go any faster than you would if you were walking stay at this pace for about 5 minutes and if you feel you can go faster pick up the pace a little but the same principal applies as to walking keep going for up to 40 minutes 4 to five times a week.

Next time Tom will talk about diet and nutrition, if you have questions on the above or any question to ask re diet and nutrition email Tom on or alternatively message us on our Facebook page (Mooreabbey Milers AC) and we will get Tom to answer any questions you may have. 

Garden Challenge 
So who is up for a little challenge? This was the question asked during a conversation between neighbours. Devised by club members of St. Catherine's AC across the border, the challenge was to take part in an unique challenge over the Easter bankholiday weekend. The challenge was the 10k garden challenge. So that was 10k of running and the only rule was you must do it in your garden no matter the number of laps. Time and speed weren't in the equation today. The thought was to build on the positivity around staying at home while also raising money for a great cause. The charity recommended was Feed the Heroes. For the reason being theses hero's are on the frontline daily battling to keep us safe. We might not be able to race together but this was a great way to keep the spirits and positivity up. Some of our club members got out on Saturday and Sunday morning which was a glorious day, joined the challenge and earned those Easter eggs.


Unity By Being Apart
Also on Saturday night at 9PM we stood together in unity by being apart and shining a light for solidarity, hope, all fighting for us and for who we have lost.