GUI confirm restrictions do not prevent rounds of golf taking place

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Leader Reporter


GUI confirm restrictions do not prevent rounds of golf taking place

The GUI and ILGU have issued guidance for their clubs stating that "The restrictions (from 6pm today until Sunday March 29) do not prevent club competitions or casual rounds of golf taking place, however we need to be cogniscant of the social nature of our game and how this element of it is impacted"

According to the joint statement, "The Unions recognise the need for adherence to the revised guidelines as issued by the HSE today (12th March 2020) and encourage golf clubs to observe them fully. Golf is a great sport for people generally to get out and about, exercise and enjoy fresh air. It is played in an outdoor setting where the risk of contracting COVID-19 is low. All golf clubs should, at this time, aim to keep their members and staff safe and well" 

The governing bodies also gave a list of items that their members should be "aware" of in the coming days.

-The older age profile of golf club memberships than of the general population must be borne in mind

-Groups having close and prolonged contact should be avoided.

-The social aspect of golf clubs should be curtailed, including limiting the potential for the following types of social interaction in accordance with the guidelines as issued today.

-Siren starts with people congregating before and after are discouraged for the time being.

-Prolonged near contact as may happen during Bridge nights, Choir practices and other clubhouse-based activities is to be avoided.

-Visitors either require some form of screening or should be discouraged for the time being.

-Society bookings where food and social interaction is involved afterwards should be limited in accordance with the latest guidance issued by

-Common courtesies – handshakes and other embraces associated with the etiquette of the game – should be avoided and participants may bump elbows or fists as an alternative.

-Social meals for groups in the clubhouse, including at inter-club matches, should be avoided

Golf Clubs should observe the need for the following:

-Increase social distancing through greater space between seating in the clubhouse

-Availability of hand sanitisers

-Regular changing of towels 

-Ask members not to come into the clubhouse with colds or any symptoms of COVID-19

-Regular cleaning of surfaces including door handles – hourly in public places


All golf clubs should note, act upon and continually monitor the advice and guidance issued by the Health Service Executive (Republic of Ireland) and the National Health Service and Public Health (Northern Ireland) in relation to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.



NHS: or PHS https://www.publichealth.​


A further statement in relation to GUI & ILGU events and meetings will be issued in due course.