Opinion - 'Shout all you want, money is the king'

Donn O'Sullivan


Donn O'Sullivan



Opinion - 'Shout all you want, money is the king'

World rugby meet today in Dublin, it could be a huge meeting

There was widespread speculation in the media in recent days about the proposed World Rugby League. Leaked documents, from on going negotiations, were brought to the World's attention in New Zealand last week.

Twitter came to life. The rumours were that the USA and Japan would take the place of the Pacific Island nations and people were outraged. Everyone had a comment to make on what was just speculation at that point.

World Rugby then produced a video on March 6, to clarify what it has planned. There is going to be a league. There is going to be promotion and relegation. There is going to be Pacific Island nations involved - They maintained. 

Now, we must all wait to see if the idea is passed by the rugby nations involved. The wait won't be long. World Rugby meet in Dublin today and with a private investment company (CVC) interested in buying the Six Nations, a deal is sure to break out today in the capital. (Update - According to the below, we are all set for a Nations Championship League)

Munster fans may not be happy to hear that Ireland will have 11 competitive games in a season.

When you factor in six champions cup games too, fans might not see their Irish ‘stars’ very much after that.

Regardless of the format or the number of games, or who is involved, one thing is for sure. If the money is there the competition will follow, it is how ‘pro’ sport works.