Opinion - 'Recreational or Social hurling and football needed for over-35s' - Jerome O'Connell

Jerome O'Connell


Jerome O'Connell



Opinion - 'Recreational or Social hurling and football needed for over-35s' - Jerome O'Connell

Could the Fenway hurling style suit over 35s?

IT’S a movement that is badly needed and I am glad to see progress with Recreational or Social GAA.

I note Cork and Kilkenny are among those making strides and hopefully GAA officials in Croke Park can offer assistance in the near future to mould a model for Recreational GAA or Social GAA.

There is 5-a-side soccer and tag rugby but nothing for GAA players who hang up their boots. Recreational GAA can fill the void and is targeted at those over-35 who are not playing any GAA.

With the amount of astro-turf facilities across the country now, there is an opening for players to continue with some physical activity incorporating a sport they probably played for 20 years.

Like everything in the world these days, there are Health and Safety issues but where there is a will, there’s a way. Kilkenny started just last week and over 40 hurlers turned up on their first night and this will no doubt multiple in the coming weeks.

In Ladies Football there is the Gaelic 4 Mothers & Others initiative.

Mentally and physically it’s not ideal to play hurling or football for most of your life and one day walk away.

Recreational or Social GAA is a must in the near future and I am sure that the Gaelic Players Association have encountered feedback from inter-county players when they retire.

At that stage, they still have their club to fall back on, but for all when the club jersey is taken off for the last time, there is a big void.

Back in November we saw Super 11s for the Fenway Classic in Boston and that modified version of hurling could be a starting point for Recreational or Social Hurling.