Limerick Hockey club claim Munster indoor title

Donn O'Sullivan, Sports Editor


Donn O'Sullivan, Sports Editor


Limerick Hockey club claim Munster indoor title

Limerick Hockey Club - Winners of the Munster indoor hockey title 2019

Limerick Hockey club men's team won the Munster Indoor Championship last weekend, continuing a strong tradition of the club with the relaunched competition. 

Winning 3 games out of 4, and drawing the last game to seal the title the Limerick side have now qualified for the Nationals on in Antrim against the Leinster champions on January 27. 

Speaking to the Limerick Leader this week Limerick Hockey club member Nathan Eacrett admitted his side were delighted to win the tournament which was relaunched this year by Hockey Ireland.

"The tournament was big in the 1980s. Last year the Irish Hockey association announced that they were re-entering a Men's and Women's teams into international indoor hockey tournaments. So there was funding released for a domestic league this season. Leinster's league has been running for over a decade, while Ulster's league is back up and running for over three years"

When asked about where his side had practiced for the tournamnet, Eacrett admitted that his side hadn't really 'trained' for the event, but admitted some of the side had played indoor before. 

"We have two Kiwi's on the side who have played before, I have played in Germany and some lads have played socially too. My Dad (Peter) played on the last team to win the indoor from Limerick, so we had some experience"

If you are reading this and thinking the same thing I did, what is the difference between indoor and outdoor hockey, despite the obvious, Nathan was more than happy to explain. 

"Well, it is six a side for a start, so it is way faster than field hockey. The ball cannot come off the ground at all, so you are constantly bent over with your hockey side. It is more like indoor ground hurling, it is a unique sport. The ball is heavier and is not dimpled like the regular hockey ball"

In terms of the future of the sport, Nathan expects Limerick to once more have a major role to play in the redevelopment of the sport in this region.

"Limerick played such a large part in the old leagues, so I would envisage the same being the case in the coming years. Now that the leagues are back, it will be easier to get other clubs to join in. It has a bright future for sure"


Limerick's squad: Justin Scheffil (GK), Michael Houghton, Peter Eacrett, Damien Kelly, Andy Smith, Nathan Eacrett 
Nick Lampp, Quinten Eacrett, Jeff Smith, Luke Cardy, Tiernan Gaffney

Results from last weekend:

Ashton 0-2 Limerick 
L. Cardy, Q. Eacrett

Limerick 5-2 Waterford
L. Cardy x3, N. Eacrett, Q. Eacrett

Limerick 4-1 Ashton
L. Cardy x2, Q. Eacrett, A. Smith

Waterford 2-2 Limerick 
N. Eacrett, Q. Eacrett