Opinion: A minor matter of differing GAA age grades - Jerome O'Connell

Jerome O'Connell


Jerome O'Connell



Opinion: A minor matter of differing GAA age grades - Jerome O'Connell

IT’S all becoming so confusing with regard to the varying age grades in the GAA.

Limerick GAA had a club championship review meeting last week and the status quo is to remain for 2018 with regard the minor and U-21 grade.

So the Limerick club championship will have a minor (U-18) grade and an U-21 grade.

But at inter-county level, minor is to continue at U-17 level for 2019, while the U-21 grade is no-more with that now an U-20 championship for both hurling and football.

On top of all that, the Post Primary Schools Senior Championships (Harty Cup etc) have now moved up to U-19 from U-18 ½.

So, there is U-17, U-18, U-19, U-20 and U-21 grades between club and county.

And, all that is on top of Bord na nOg competitions up to U-16 level.

I can see the reasons for the Limerick and other county board decisions to remain with U-18 and U-21 but surely if GAA authorities in Croke Park are to change age levels, that they should insist it becomes the norm across the country.

Personally speaking, I still feel U-18 is best suited to the minor grade.

Watching inter-county minor championship games throughout 2018, they didn’t have the same standard as previous years with players clearly not as mature, mentally or physically.