‘Throw the Playstation in the bin’ - Limerick All Ireland winner Diarmaid Byrnes

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan



‘Throw the Playstation in the bin’ - Limerick All Ireland winner Diarmaid Byrnes

Limerick All Ireland hurling winner Diarmaid Byrnes

AT THE Liam MacCarthy Cup homecoming in Murroe-Boher GAA Club, Seamus Hickey, Diarmaid Byrnes and Cian Lynch all had strong messages for the children in the crowd.

Paul Coffey, MC, asked Diarmaid what should parents do on wintry evenings when it is lashing rain and their children want to play computer games instead of going training.  

“Go in and turn off the Playstation - throw it in the bin if you have to,” said Diarmaid to a loud cheer.

“It is something I never had growing up. I was always out with my hurley and ball or a soccer ball. I was tearing through some field, losing shoes, tearing my jeans or pants but I think I benefitted massively from being out in the field,” he continued.

The MC asked him if they ever get tired of these occasions.

“Never. You never get tired of seeing smiles on the kids’ faces. Taking a photo or signing a hurley takes us a second but it means so much to them. We don’t take that for granted. We want to have these lads replace us in a couple of years,” said Diarmaid to more cheers from the large crowd in Harty Park.

Cian Lynch said it wasn’t too long ago that they were young fellows aspiring to play for Limerick.

“One bit of advice I’d give is whether it is hurling, soccer, whatever sport, or education - make sure you are enjoying it and never take something too serious because life is so short. Make sure you are doing it for enjoyment and for the betterment of yourself,” said Cian.

Seamus Hickey said as a child he was always out playing sport like Diarmaid.

“I was breaking windows at home - my mother will never forgive me! Keep practising, keep dreaming and keep working,” said Seamus.