Opinion: Worrying times ahead as ‘calling off’ games becoming rife - Donn O'Sullivan

Donn O'Sullivan


Donn O'Sullivan



Opinion: Worrying times ahead as ‘calling off’ games becoming rife - Donn O'Sullivan

This week, several local rugby games and one high profile soccer clash did not take place. The were conceded.

In the Limerick rugby Charity Cup, Thomond conceded their game against Young Munster, while in the Transfield Cup, a cup for team's second sides, Thomond conceded to St Mary's, while Garryowen conceded to Richmond.

In the Premier Division of Limerick's Junior Soccer scene, Charleville conceded a walkover to champions Janesboro.

This is only a snap shot of some games from last weekend and is not intended as a slight on any team who could not fulfil a fixture, but sadly the frequency of unfulfilled fixtures, in all codes, is becoming a problem for organisers of competitions, but more importantly, for those players who are still willing to play.

Seeing sides at such a high level of rugby and soccer concede games, one has to wonder what the exact reasons are.

Are our amateur games gone too ‘professional’? Are players being asked to give up too much of their time? Or is this a generational thing?

My own father, himself a coach for many years, always delivered the following line.

‘In a breakfast, what's the difference between the Chicken and the Pig? The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed.’ (A line delivered just last week by JP McManus when describing the Limerick hurlers)

Do younger generations now have too many options in their lives away from sport? Is it too ‘easy’ for them to pull out of games at short notice?

Group Apps such as Whats App or Facebook are invaluable for keeping large squads updated on training times and match schedules, but are they also becoming an easier ‘out’ for players to ‘withdraw their services’ from a particular game, rather than the old fashioned, call to the coach?

With seasons and fixtures known in advance, there should be no excuses for games being conceded, however it does seem to be something that is becoming more of a ‘norm’ than it should allowed be.

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