Reports suggest Limerick FC players 'free to leave' club

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Leader Reporter


Reports suggest Limerick FC players 'free to leave'

Limerick FC players wages now an issue

THERE are reports that Limerick FC's players have been told they are 'free to leave' the club due to an issue surrounding the payment of wages.

The Limerick Leader's Colm Kinsella exclusively reported this week that the players were due to be paid on Friday, the day of their home tie against Bohemians.

However, multiple sources have claimed that the players were not paid on Friday, with some going as far as to say that the players were informed before last night's 1-1 draw that they could leave the club. 

Limerick manager Tommy Barrett did not give any further comment last night in his post match interview. He stated that the comment given to the Limerick Leader still stood. 

Paul O'Hehir's tweet was added to by local Limerick soccer journalist Andrew Cunneen who claimed that wages had not been paid by Limerick FC