Ivan Morris: US Masters champ Patrick Reed horribly treated

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Ivan Morris Column – Championships to be aligned

Ivan Morris

AS I went about my un-golf-related business the week after The Masters, I met too many people who wanted to talk about how unlucky Rory was and what a shame it was that Patrick Reed won.

As usual, I found myself swimming against the tide. Rory wasn't unlucky. He played extremely poorly in the final round. Rory is an enigma. No excuses.

The lukewarm manner in which the sophisticated patrons of Augusta greeted Masters Champion, Patrick Reed was most embarrassing and unsportsmanlike.

To all intents and purposes Reed's approach shot onto the final green was greeted by a stony silence. I never 'heard' anything like it. When Reed played for Team USA in the Ryder Cup against Rory, he was Mr Wonderful and dubbed Captain America while the crowd went bananas.

It is very sad that since Reed won, stories have focused on the Reed family split and the emotions of his parents and sister who were watching on TV only three miles away. We do not know the full Family Reed story but, do any of us need to? Is it anybody's business but their own?

What has something, Reed is accused of doing when he was at University, and only 17 got to do with winning a major golf championship 11-years later? Which of us hasn't done something we might be ashamed of as a teenager that we would be embarrassing in later life? It's not valid, in my opinion, to say that as the Master's Champion the public are entitled to know everything about him.

I don't expect much better from tabloid newspapers trying to sell their wares but you would expect more from the 'discerning' patrons at Augusta. After all, did they not greet the returning, Tiger Woods as if he were the prodigal son and messiah all rolled into one?

Surely, whatever Reed did does not remotely compare with Tiger's transgressions?

I accept there is a slight difference. Woods's 'mistakes' are well-documented and were made public by his PR-Staged confession and apology.

We only know about the Reed family situation because one side in the quarrel has spoken about it publicly. There are two sides to every story. For commentators to refer to Reed's wife as 'trailer trash' is most unfair and shocking.

Justine Reed is a qualified nurse, whom he met while they were both at the same college. That she caddied for him on Tour at the beginning of his career is neither here nor there. There are lots of young people who have married someone of whom their parents haven't approved.

Again, it's nobody's business except for those involved. Even if one side (or both sides) are dislikable it is still nobody's business. It is unreasonable for anyone to have their personal lives examined without permission just because one of them has suddenly become a world-famous golfer.

To say that it is the price of fame doesn't wash with me. Everyone is entitled to their family privacy.

Patrick Reed displayed a wonderful temperament and a lot of guts when playing a classically simple final round at Augusta whereas his second and third rounds were practically flawless.

I liked his brisk style of play too. He wasted no time over the ball and played ‬‬‬the golf course how he found it and never complained or demonstrated any histrionics when things were not going exactly to plan.

I also like the fact that Patrick Reed plays with a mixed bag of equipment and is in nobody's pocket, so to speak, because I firmly believe the manufacturers should be putting their advertising budgets money into grassroots golf and sponsoring tournaments - not making the already rich, richer. It has taken me that long rigmarole to get around to what I am really interested in - Reed's mixed bag of Masters-winning 'mongrel' golf equipment that includes an ‬‬‬8-years old, 3 wood and a mixed set of ‬‬irons from 2013.

It proves we should all use what works for us and not fall for the slick marketing of shiny sets of the latest and greatest (I don't think)

I was pleased to see Reed uses the same driver head as myself - the Ping G400 LST with an Aldila 70gms X shaft; Nike VR Pro 15-degree fairway metal with an Aldila 80gsm X shaft; a Titleist 716 3 driving iron; an assortment of Callaway irons picked from different sets with Dynamic Golf X-100 shafts; Titleist Vokey SMS wedges (51 and 56); Odyssey White Hot Pro 3 putter and he plays with the Pro V1 ball.

Isn't that far more interesting info than delving into unpleasant private family affairs? The Reed Situation has gone well beyond analysing problems with his family. There's been a concerted effort to smear Patrick as a cheat, a thief and an outcast.

He may not be the most likeable of guys amongst his peers because he isn't sociable and keeps to himself and has few friends (on Tour.) Based on how he has been treated, would you blame him?


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