On The Ball: Valspar, TV and Golf the big winners

Donn O'Sullivan


Donn O'Sullivan



On The Ball: Valspar, TV and Golf the big winners

Tiger Woods winner of the Valspar Championships

Valspar Paint. Had you heard of them before last weekend? No? Me neither to be honest.

This Monday morning their marketing manager would have been jumping for joy such was the coverage of their sponsorship of a golf tournament at the Innisbrook Copperhead course in Tampa.

Tiger Woods' second place finish helped get their name across the World over four days of amazing golf and amazing TV.

Much like all sport these days, the survival of the sport at the top level relies on TV money more than anything else.

Golf's TV revenues had not been what they were in recent times, as several different players were winning majors and the casual fan would not tune in on Sunday to watch someone they did not really know.

Golf needs Tiger Woods and as was very visible last weekend, Tiger Woods needs golf.

The World of sport turned their eyes to the beautifully manicured Innisbrook Copperhead course on Sunday evening as Tiger was in contention. His subsequent second placed finish behind Paul Casey means that the next time Tiger tees the ball up, millions more will be back at the TV for the next instalment.

Woods' inclusion in any event was always worth millions to the hosts, but a competing Woods means even more money for the Tour itself, the tournaments to come and the golf industry all over the World.

He may divide opinion off the course, but as we all know, that doesn't matter if money is made.