On The Ball: Just think before you type - Donn O'Sullivan

Donn O'Sullivan


Donn O'Sullivan



On The Ball: Just think before you type - Donn O'Sullivan

Social media is a weird and wonderful place

Last week's column turned out to be a very popular one. My thoughts on the Markets Field pitch certainly created some debate.

Once more it highlighted, if it was needed, that social media can be a weird and wonderful place. Some people took to social media, Facebook and Twitter mainly, to air their views on the column. No problem there. Sport and indeed life, is all about opinions. Everyone has one and is entitled to same.

There were some excellent points made on the platforms about the grey area that exists between the tenant and the owner of the pitch and even this week it is still unclear as to who is actually in charge of maintaining the turf at the famous Garryowen ground. There are conflicting reports on both sides.

However, in the same breath, I must draw attention to some people who took to social media to have a personal dig at yours truly.

For context, here are a few comments on the piece.

“What a clown”,

“He hasn't a clue about rugby either, bluffer”,

“Provincial hick”

“Not once have I understood how in God's name you became a journalist. There's a reason you never progressed to national level and it's because you are stealing a living”

“Ain't nothing going on in Donn's head more like”

Is this the future? Is this now the norm? If so, count me out. Some people might defend these comments as ‘banter’ or only a bit of slagging. I can roll with the punches on things like these, but my worry is about the new dawn of comments on social media.

What if these comments are allowed to become the norm and the next person to be on the end of them cannot take the criticism? Just think before you type.