Limerick Schoolboy/girl soccer fixtures

Gerry McCormack


Gerry McCormack


Limerick Schoolboy/girl soccer fixtures

A list of upcoming Schoolboy/girl fixtures


Saturday, 6 January, 2018

U-11 Reds

Shelbourne v Aisling Annacotty 1; Shelbourne Park G Clancy

Lisnagry v Limerick F.C Scanlon Park K McCormack

Regional United 1 v Mungret Regional 1; Dooradoyle; J Galvin

Pike Rovers 1 v Corbally United 1; Pike Grounds; A Walsh

U-11 Blues

Corbally United 2 v Janesboro Athlunkard

Geraldines, v Fairview Rangers 1; Garryowen; F O’Neill

Caherdavin Celtic 1 v Regional United 2; Greenhills; J O’Halloran

Granville Rangers v Aisling Annacotty 2; Glenbrook; D Brosnan

U-11 Greens

Bridge Celtic v Newport Town 1; Bridgetown; K McNamara

Coonagh United v Mungret Regional 2; Coonagh; Martin Monaghan

Aisling Annacotty 3 v Summerville Rovers Newtown Park J Clancy

U-11 Browns

Granville Rangers 2 v Pike Rovers 2 12.30 Glenbrook; D Brosnan

Aisling Annacotty 4 v Ballynanty Rovers 12.30 Newtown Park J Clancy

Caherdavin Celtic 2 v Moyross United 12.30 Greenhills; J O’Halloran

Caherconlish v Parkville Caherconlish; D Weldrick

U-11 Whites

Newport Town 2 v Corbally United 4; Newport B Higgins

Star Rovers v Aisling/Annacotty 5; Lee Estate; T Mannion

Hynan Travel, U-13 Premier League

Shelbourne A v Fairview Rangers A 12.30 Shelbourne Park G Clancy

Pike Rovers v Aisling Annacotty A 12.30 Pike Grounds; A Walsh

Mungret Regional A v Corbally United A Mungret; J Reilly

Aisling Annacotty B v Limerick F.C Annacotty AWP; L Hughes

U-13 Division One League

Parkville A v Ballynanty Rovers Knockalisheen; Mike Monahan

Regional United A v Carew Park 12.30 Dooradoyle AWP; J Galvin

Caherdavin Celtic v Newport Town A; Greenhills; T Joyce

Summerville Rovers v Bridge Celtic A ; Portland Park A Galvin

U-13, Division Two League

Fairview Rangers B v Janesboro Fairgreen; M Kirby

Shelbourne B v Regional United B 2pm Shelbourne Park J Curran

Lisnagry v Geraldines 12.30 Scanlon Park K McCormack

Corbally United B v Mungret Regional B 12.30 Athlunkard; R Broe

U-13, Division Two League

Newport Town B v Corbally United C 12.30 Newport; B Higgins

Regional United C v Aisling Annacotty C Dooradoyle AWP; M Cuddihy

U-15 Premier League

Aisling Annacotty A v Fairview Rangers A Annacotty; J Mulligan

Summerville Rovers v Caherdavin Celtic 12.30 Portland Park A Galvin

Newport Town A v Janesboro Newport; D Downing

Mungret Regional v Regional United A Castlemungret; D Power

U-15, Division One League

Aisling Annacotty B v Shelbourne Kilonan; J McNamara

Aisling Annacotty C v Geraldines 12.30 Kilonan; J McNamara

Corbally United B v Newport Town B 12.30 Athlunkard; K Gorman

Fairview Rangers B v Regional United B 12.30 Fairgreen; M Kirby

Corbally United A v Mungret Regional B Athlunkard; R Broe

Saturday, 13 January

U-10 Red Group

Regional United 1 Corbally United 1; Dooradoyle

Coonagh United v Aisling Annacotty 2; Coonagh;

Limerick FC v Shelbourne 1; Hogan Park

Aisling Annacotty 1 v Pike Rovers 1; Newtown Park

U-10 Blue Group

Fairview Rangers v Aisling Annacotty 3; Fairgreen;

Carew Park v Corbally United 2; Carew Park

Lisnagry v Regional United 2; 12.30 Scanlon Park

Mungret Regional 1 v Caherdavin Celtic Mungret;

U-10, Green Group

Mungret Regional 2 v Newport Town 2; 12.30 Mungret

Newport Town 1 v Caherconlish Newport

Janesboro v Pike Rovers 2; Pearse Stadium

Ballynanty Rovers v Parkville Shelbourne Park

U-10 Brown Group

Shelbourne 2 v Aisling Annacotty 4; Shelbourne Park

Moyross United v Star Rovers Moyross

Geraldines, v Lisnagry 2; Garryowen;

Bridge Celtic v Corbally United 3; Bridgetown;

Regional United 3 v Mungret Regional 3; 12.30 Dooradoyle

U-12 Premier League

Mungret Regional A v Regional United A Mungret

Aisling Annacotty B v Limerick Newtown Park

Fairview Rangers A v Newport Town A 12.30 Fairgreen;

Aisling Annacotty A v Caherdavin Celtic A 12.30 Newtown Park

U-12 Division One League

Corbally United A v Bridge Celtic A Athlunkard

Lisnagry v Janesboro Scanlon Park

Summerville Rovers v Pike Rovers A Portland Park

Granville Rangers v Shelbourne A Glenbrook;

U-12 Division Two League

Ballynanty Rovers v Geraldines 12.30 Shelbourne Park

Parkville v Mungret Regional B Knockalisheen;

Carew Park v Aisling Annacotty C 12.30 Carew Park

Regional United B v Fairview Rangers B 12.30 Dooradoyle AWP

U-12, Division Three League

Shelbourne B v Pike Rovers B 12.30 Shelbourne Park

Caherdavin Celtic B v Aisling Annacotty D 12.30 Greenhills

Bridge Celtic B v Regional United C 12.30 Bridgetown;

Hynan Travel, U-14, Premier League

Newport Town A v Caherdavin Celtic 12.30 Newport

Aisling Annacotty A v Fairview Rangers A Annacotty AWP

Corbally United A, v Mungret Regional A 12.30 Athlunkard

U-14 Division One League

Janesboro v Regional United B 12.30 Pearse Stadium;

Geraldines, v Corbally United B Rathuard;

Parkville F.C v Aisling Annacotty B 12.30 Knockalisheen;

Shelbourne F.C v Regional United C 2pm Shelbourne Park

Carew Park v Newport Town B Carew Park

Summerville Rovers v Fairview Rangers B 12.30 Portland Park

U-16 Premier League

Caherdavin Celtic, v Corbally United A Greenhills

Mungret Regional, v Granville Rangers Castlemungret

Fairview Rangers A, v Regional United A Fairgreen

U-16, Division One League

Aisling Annacotty C v Newport Town Kilonan

Aisling Annacotty B v Geraldines 12.30 Kilonan

Ballynanty Rovers v Fairview Rangers B Shelbourne Park

Corbally United B v Regional United B Athlunkard

Sunday, 14 January, 2018

U-13, SFAI, Subway, Inter League

LDSL, v. Kerry League 11.30 UL (all weather pitch)

U-12, SFAI, Subway, Inter League

LDSL, v. Kerry League 12.45 UL (all weather pitch)

U-12, Inter League Representative game

LDSL, v. Kerry League UL (all weather pitch)

LDSL Notes

Please note the four U-10 groups, have been re-graded, please note that your team could have been moved to another group.

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