Peter O'Mahony: 'I went through a mixture of emotions during 'Axel' programme'

Colm Kinsella


Colm Kinsella


Peter O'Mahony: 'I went through a mixture of emotions during 'Axel' programme'

Munster captain Peter O'Mahony

MUNSTER captain Peter O'Mahony admitted the documentary Anthony Foley: Munsterman made for difficult viewing at times on Monday night.

In the well received documentary which was shown on RTE1, viewers got an extraordinary honest insight into the events surrounding the late Anthony Foley’s time as Munster head coach, his death and the emotional aftermath.

Twenty eight-year-old O’Mahony, who has played 95 times for Munster, said he had experienced a mixture of emotions watching the documentary.

O’Mahony said: “I watched it. There were some good stories and a lot of smiling obviously, although it was difficult at times as well.

“It was nice for people to see a few view points from people they wouldn’t have seen before and get to know Axel a bit different and I thought that was a nice point. 

”Look, we speak about Axel all the time, he’s in the forefront of our minds, everything we do, every training session, every meeting, there’s something about him, maybe not directly, but something that he has done or brought in or done and has a huge amount of passion for. It won’t be any different this week.

“We remember him all the time. I thought it was important that they left in some of the things that they did leave in.”

O’Mahony appreciates just how important it is for Munster to win their home fixtures in the Champions Cup if the province is to make the knock-out stages for a 17th season.

“For us this week, it’s about  our process and building up a performance. You do that and it puts you in with a good chance to win. 

“It’s almost cup rugby all of the time now, the teams you’re coming up against are big names after big names and individuals with big names after big names. 

“It’s certainly important for us to win, you are not going to win or lose a competition this week-end, but it’s paramount for us to give a good performance.

“European Cup nights at Thomond Park are very special. From a player’s point of view, there’s a savage amount of pressure, obviously, but there’s also a savage amount of enjoyment in getting your head down and getting stuck in and working hard. 

“The fans get behind us, everyone in Munster loves Europe and maybe it’s something at times you might take for granted. 

”But you shouldn’t take it for granted, guys spoke about you leaving the jersey in a good place and these are the kinds of evenings when that needs to be done.”