Game Over, Ball Burst: New season, new jerseys, new teams, new coaches

Munster Rugby fans upset with cost of new look kits

Donn O'Sullivan


Donn O'Sullivan


Game Over, Ball Burst : New season, new jerseys, new teams, new coaches

Conor Murray, CJ Stander and Simon Zebo model Munster Rugby's new alternate kit

THIS week, Munster unveiled another new jersey. This was their second new jersey in a week.

So far, Lifestyle and Munster have launched an 'alternate' jersey, which is designed to look like old armour worn by Munster kings, while the new red kit is designed to look like a stag, "representing bravery, determination and fearsome territorialism".

Apparently the Munster Rugby crest adorns the jersey in a timeless copper trim symbolising the gathering strength from Munster’s home soil and its history of forgotten ancient copper mines. Got all that?

Well, the biggest news this week was the reaction to the cost. Over 100 people were polled by the Limerick Leader and 91% claimed that at €80, the jersey was just too dear. (Men’s replica jerseys are priced €80, Kids €65 – €75 and Test, as worn by the players, priced €100)

With new jerseys, new coaches to come and now new South African teams to come too, in a week when Sky Sports brought in new rugby channels, the rugby fan could be forgiven for feeling a little fatigued - and the season isn't even here yet.