Lee accepts Limerick 'just about deserved to be ahead at the finish line'

Jerome O'Connell


Jerome O'Connell



Lee accepts Limerick 'just about deserved to be ahead at the finish line'

BILLY Lee was full of praise for the character of his young side as they held off a second half fightback from Leitrim.

”It’s always great to be winning - we had to grind it out and that was fantastic from the lads in the sense that we were down a body going down the home stretch and we came under a bit of pressure because Leitrim had bossed the most part of the second half, but they still had the confidence in themselves to get the scores at killer times. That was brilliant and shows the character we are trying to build into lads,” outlined Lee.

He added: ”We know they have that character, it’s just about showing them how to win games in the final stretch of the match”.

Limerick were 1-8 to 0-5 ahead at half time but had to face into the second half breeze.

“I was happy enough, I wasn’t that fussed about the breeze because it was strong when it blew but it wasn’t strong all the time. I thought we were playing good enough football,” said Lee.

“Leitrim did boss the second half around the middle area and unfortunately options for us in that area aren’t plentiful. To be fair to the boys they showed great spirit and stuck together and worked hard and we got out with 2-11 and just about deserved to be ahead at the finish line for the endeavour if nothing else.”

Lee felt Limerick encouraged Leitrim upon them.

”We felt we were dropping too deep when playing with the breeze, we wanted to move the ball forward fast and I suppose it’s a transition from what they were doing previously, and that’s not a criticism, but it takes people time to learn. It can be frustrating for them and for us but to be fair to the lads they are working hard.”