Young Limerick footballers urged to resist American dream

Young Limerick footballers urged to resist American dream

IAN Ryan has called on the young guns of the Limerick senior football team to resist the lure of spending the Summer in the US.

Clare knocked Limerick out of the Munster football championship on Sunday and John Brudair’s team must now wait until June 25 for the All Ireland SFC Qualifiers.

Given that over 50% of the 20 players used last Sunday are under the age of 23, rumours suggest some of the Third Level students could be tempted to travel stateside to work for the next three months.

”Hopefully some fellas don’t go abroad - it would be hard to blame them if they do go for the summer to make some money for themselves,” said Ian Ryan, who captained Limerick in the absence of the injured Iain Corbett.

”I can’t blame them if they do but hopefully they stay,” said the key forward.

Ryan said that the team has much work to do on the training ground for the next three weeks ahead of the backdoor series.

“We need to start being more clinical - we need to start getting the right fellas on the ball, the fellas who can take the scores. There are good forwards there and they are nailing them all in training the whole time and in challenge game but on a day like this we need to be more consistent and work the opportunity,” he explained, referencing 11 Limerick wides in the three point loss.

Ryan explained: “I thought that was the difference between the two teams in the second half - they went up the field and worked their scores. They waited until they got the right man on the ball and then slotted it. We had to work a little harder to get our scores”.

Limerick only scored five points from play, while Clare kicked 14 points from play to book a June 11/12 semi final with Kerry in Fitzgerald Stadium in Killarney. Still Limerick only needed a late goal for a dramatic win.

“We didn’t threaten really - we had one or two chances in the first half coming through the middle but we fluffed it. In the second half when they had the lead they weren’t going to concede a goal. They had a little bit more experience than us and the momentum with the wins that they had in the league they know how to get over the line and that is something we are searching for and have to find it,” said Ryan.

“Overall we were totally wrote off and that was a great position for us to come in. We did well but obviously not good enough. It’s a learning curve for our young fellas - they learned a lot. You at our half back line and the oldest was 22, in midfield Darragh (Treacy) is 21 and Cian (Sheehan) is U-21 - so there is a lot to build-on. I suppose if we can just get one win it would be a big boost and give us some momentum,” said Ryan.

“It is another what if story,” sighed Ryan of a fourth successive first round exit from the Munster SFC for Limerick.