Limerick District League Fixtures and Results

Limerick District League Fixtures and Results

LIMERICK District League soccer fixtures and results.


FAI Junior Cup Semi-Final

Sheriff FC 4 Janesboro 1, St Peters 0 Pike Rvs 0 (Match abandoned half time)

Munster Youth Cup Semi Final

Fairview Rgs 2 Villa FC 1


Lawson Cup

Nenagh 2 Geraldines 0


Premier League

Fairview Rgs 3 Summerville Rvs 1, Janesboro 1 Aisling Annacotty 1, Aisling 0 Carew Park 2, Ballynanty Rvs (off) Fairview Rgs, Moyross 7 Summerville Rvs 0


Division 1A O'Halloran Cup Semi Final

Caherconlish 1 Kilmallock 3

Division 1A

Granville 2 Charleville 2, Kilmallock 4 Newport 2, Murroe 0 Nenagh 3, Corbally Utd 2 Fairview Rgs 1, Caherconlish 7 Caherdavin 0, Granville Rgs 0 Murroe 2, Newport 2 Corbally Utd 4


Division 1B Calvert Cup

Regional Utd B 4 Cappamore 2, Hospital (off) Holycross, Corbally Utd 5 St Pats 1


Division 1B

Holycross 3 Southend 2, Aisling Annacotty 3 Prospect Priory 2, Regional Utd 4 Geraldines 1, Cappamore 3 Hospital 2, St Pats 2 Hill Celtic 1


Division 2A Lipper Cup

Charleville 2 Caledonians 3 (aet), Kennedy Park 0 Castle Rvs 2, Hyde Rgs 3 Shannon Hibs 1, Shelbourne 6 Granville Rgs B 1


Division 2A

Shannon Hibs 1 Castle Rvs 2, Caledonians 2 Coonagh Utd 3, Hyde Rgs 1 Athlunkard Villa 2, Summerville Rvs 3 Kennedy Park 2, Shelbourne 4 Charleville B 1


Division 2B Ray Cup

Janesboro B 2 Aisling Annacotty 2, (Janesboro won 4-3 on pens), Northside 0 Croom Utd 3, Glenview Rvs 2 Abbey Rvs 3, Newport 2 Star Rvs 0, Nenagh AFC B v Mungret Reg 0 (abandoned half time)


Division 2B

Mungret Reg 4 Newport 1, Croom Utd 3 Ballylanders 2, Janesboro 2 Glenview 1, Star Rvs 1 Abbey Rvs 2, Northside 2 Nenagh 3, Moyross 3 Aisling 1


Division 3A Power Cup

Aisling 0 Knockainey 3, Prospect 2 Murroe 3 (aet)


Division 3A

Kilfinane 1 Castle Utd 0, Coonagh Utd 4 Aisling Annacotty 6


Division 3B Ingle Cup

Athlunkard Villa 4 Dromore Celtic 0, Parkville 3 Hyde Rgs 5


Division 3B

St Pauls 0 Athlunkard Villa 1


Division 4A Keane Cup

Bruff Utd 6 Shelbourne B 1


Ger Ryan Youth Cup

Mungret Reg 0 Fairview Rgs 4


Youth Division 1 Boland Cup

Nenagh 5 Janesboro 1, Regional Utd 6 Aisling 2


Youth Division 1

Geraldines 1 Nenagh 2, Regional Utd 1 Janesboro 5


Youth Division 2 Horan Cup

Charleville (off) Corbally Utd, Mungret 1 Hospital 0, Aisling 1 Kilmallock 2


Youth Division 2

Kilmallock 3 Hospital


U-17 Division 1 Brosnahan Cup

Regional Utd 1 Aisling 7


U-17 Division 1

Nenagh 6 Granville Rgs 1


U-17 Division 2 Carroll Cup

Aisling 1 Caherdavin 1 (Aisling won 5-3 on pens), Corbally 3 Hospital 0


U-17 Division Two

Caherdavin 3 Newport 0, Charleville 5 Holycross 3



(All games kick off 6.30)


Premier League

Pike Rvs v Mungret Reg,  M Kiely


Lawson Cup

Janesboro v Moyross, 6.15, B Higgins (Note kick off time)


Division 1A

Corbally Utd v Nenagh, E Noonan, Charleville v Kilmallock, J McNamara, Caherdavin Celtic v Fairview Rgs, D Power


Division 1B

Hospital v Southend, B Curtin


Division 3A

Kilfinane v Aisling, J Galvin, Prospect v Murroe, R Broe


Division 3B

St Pats v Hyde Rgs, P O'Brien


U-17 Division 1

Nenagh v Janesboro, M Monahan, Granville Rgs v Regional Utd, N Casey, Fairview v Aisling, K Gorman


U-17 Division 2

Caherdavin v Charleville, M Bourke




Premier League

Pike Rvs v Summerville Rvs, B Higgins


Division 1B

Prospect v Holycross, S Rooney, Hill Celtic v Aisling, M Kavanagh


Division 2A

Kennedy Park v Athlunkard Villa, M Bourke, Shannon Hibs v Caledonians, M Kiely, Hyde Rgs v Shelbourne, J Curran


Division 2B

Ballylanders v Mungret Reg, B Curtin, Glenview Rvs v Newport, D Broughton, Nenagh v Janesboro, J Rooney, Moyross v Northside, R Broe, Abbey Rvs v Croom Utd, D Power, Aisling Annacotty v Star Rvs, M Kiely


Division 3A

Meanus v Castle Rvs, E Kenny


Division 4

Caherdavin v Nenagh, T Meagher


Ger Ryan Youth Cup Semi finals (Note kick off time)

Charleville v Mungret Reg or Fairview Rgs, 6.15, T Duggan, Janesboro v Regional Utd, 6.15, R McCann


 Youth Division 2

Coonagh Utd v Aisling, P O'Brien, Corbally Utd v Mungret Reg, E Noonan




Munster Junior Cup Semi Final

Moyross v St Michaels, 5.00, Janesboro


Division 1A League

Murroe v Charleville, 6.30, T Duggan, Corbally Utd v Kilmallock, 6.30, D Power, Caherconlish v Granville Rgs, 6.30, K Gorman, Knockainey v Nenagh, 6.30, E Nunan, Caherdavin v Fairview Rgs, 6.30, B Higgins


Division 1B League

Geraldines v Cappamore, 6.30, M Bourke


Division 2B League

Mungret Reg v Janesboro, 6.30, M Kavanagh, Aisling v Glenview, 6.30, J Curran, Nenagh v Abbey Rvs, 6.30, B Curtin


Division 3A Cup

Meanus v Castle Utd, 6.30, J Galvin




Munster Junior Cup Semi Final

Janesboro v Newmarket Celtic, 2.00, Carew Park


Premier League

Ballynanty Rvs v Fairview Rgs, 10.30, B Higgins, Summerville v Aisling, 10.30, K Gorman, Geraldines v Mungret, 10.30, A Keogh


Division 1B Cup

Hill Celtic v Southend, 10.30, R Broe


Division 1B League

Hospital v St Pats, 10.30, B Curtin


Division 2A League

Athlunkard Villa v Caledonians, 10.30, R Peiper, Kennedy Park v Coonagh Utd, 10.30, M Kirby, Granville v Summerville Rvs, 10.30, J Curran, Charleville v Shannon Hibs, 10.30, J Rooney


Division 2B League

Moyross v Ballylanders, 2.00, B Curtin


Division 3B Cup

St Pauls v St Pats, 2.00, J Galvin, Croom Utd v Holycross, 2.00, T Meagher


Division 4 Cup

Hill Celtic v Newport, 10.30, P O'Brien, Mungret v Moyross, 2.00, M Murphy


Youth Division 1 Cup

Geraldines v Fairview Rgs, 2.00, R McCann, Regional Utd v Nenagh, 2.00, M Kiely


Youth Division 2 Cup

Kilmallock v Mungret, R Broe, Corbally Utd v Charleville, 2.00, M Bourke



(All games kick off 6.30)


Division 1A League

Caherdavin v Knockainey, Nenagh v Caherconlish, N Casey


Division 1B League

Hospital v Hill Celtic, S Rooney, St Pats v Southend, B Curtin


Division 2A League

Caledonians v Kennedy Park, M Kiely, Athlunkard Villa v Castle Rvs, R Broe, Coonagh Utd v Granville Rgs, M Bourke, Hyde Rgs v Charleville, M Kirby, Summerville v Shelbourne, J Curran


Division 2B League

Abbey Rvs v Newport


Division 4 League 

Shelbourne v Caherdavin, P O'Brien, Moyross v Bruff, E Kenny, Nenagh v Mungret Reg, F O'Neill


U-17 Division 1

Nenagh v Mungret Reg, 6.30, B Higgins, Aisling v Regional Utd, 6.30, M Monahan, Granville Rgs v Fairview Rgs, 6.30, J McNamara


U-17 Division 2

Newport v Cappamore, 6.30, e Noonan, Corbally Utd v Caherdavin,  M Monahan




FAI Junior Cup Semi Final

St Peters v Pike Rvs, 8.00, Tullamore




Premier League

Fairview Rgs v Geraldines, 6.30, K Gorman, Moyross v Regional Utd, 6.30, M Kiely, Janesboro v Carew Park, 6.30, R McCann, B Higgins, N Casey


Division 1B Cup

Aisling v Geraldines, 6.30, R Broe