Top athletes gather for Irish Kettlebell finals in Limerick

Top athletes gather for Irish Kettlebell finals in Limerick

THE All Ireland Kettlebell National Championships will be held in Limerick this Saturday and Sunday and hosted by us the Limerick Kettlebell Club in the Delta Sports Dome.

There will be over 170 lifters from clubs all over Ireland competing over the two days in three different categories. There are men’s and women’s events.

The Irish squad to represent Ireland for both the European and World Championships will also be selected from these championships.

In one of the world’s most gruelling sports - where some of the competitors will be lifting two 32kg kettlebells continuously for 10 minutes - it makes for compelling viewing.

Many will be familiar with Kettlebell classes run by various exercise groups around the country but this would be like comparing Boxercise with actual boxing.

This is an event, although mostly under the radar, that attracts serious athletes and provides huge entertainment for the crowd.