Garda warning after woman scammed by bogus Limerick landlord

David Hurley


David Hurley


The avererage monthly rent in Limerick was �628 in the first quarter of this year

Gardai have issued a warning about so called accomdation fraud

Gardai have issued a new warning about so-called accommodation fraud following a recent incident in Limerick.

Accommodation fraud is where a house or apartment is advertised for rent and the new tenant or tenants pay money to an individual they believe is the landlord.

However, they subsequently discover the house or apartment either does not exist or the person claiming to be the landlord had no connection to the property and their money is gone.

Recently, a woman in her early 20s paid over a large sum of money as a deposit along with one month’s rent to
who she thought was her new landlord.

"Unfortunately, he was a fraudster, he can’t be contacted and her money is gone," said Sergeant Ber Leetch who confirmed the transaction related to a property in the city.

"When renting accommodation, either as your home, as a student or when you go on holiday, you should be certain that the landlord and property are genuine. This year in particular there is a huge demand for holiday accommodation so
take extra care when sending deposits no matter how desperate you might be," warned the divisional crime prevention officer.

"You should be very suspicious of landlords if they do not want to meet you in person, if they want you to move in immediately without ever seeing the property or if they ask for rent or a security deposit before signing a lease," she added.

Would-be tenants are also being warned to be cautious if the price is too good to be true.