Limerick Soccer - LDMC Fixtures, April 29-May 8

The local LDMC season is approaching a crucial stage with big games across all the divisions
All your LDMC soccer fixtures for the period April 29-May 7. All the recent results are also included.

All your LDMC soccer fixtures for the period April 29-May 7. All the recent results are also included.


(All games kick off 6.30pm)

Division 1A League

Caherconlish v Knockainey, M Kiely, Mungret Reg v Pike Rvs, R Broe

Division 1B League

Janesboro v Regional Utd, M Bourke, Charleville v Murroe, S Rooney, Ballynanty Rvs v Cappamore, K Gorman

Division 2A League

St Pats v Herbertstown, J Clancy, Geraldines v Shelbourne, J Curran, Lisnagry v Holycross, K O’Driscoll

Division 3B League

Coonagh Utd v Lisnagry, J Rooney, Aisling v Croom Utd, P O’Brien, Parkville v Star Rvs, M O’Halloran, Shelbourne v Hospital, E Noonan

Division 4 League

Glenview Rvs v Cappamore, A Whelan, Dromore Celtic v Shelbourne, B Curtin, Hyde Rgs v Hill Celtic, L O’Sullivan

Youth Division One

Fairview Rgs v Newport, M Kavanagh

Youth Division 2

Aisling v Parkville, M Kennedy

U-17 Division 1

Regional Utd v Herbertstown, D Reidy


Div 1A O’Halloran Cup Semi Final

Kilmallock v Newport, 7.30, Jackman Park, F O’Neill, M Bourke, T Duggan


(All games kick off 6.30pm)

Premier League

Wembley Rvs v Ballynanty Rvs, F O’Neill, Janesboro v Geraldines, D Power, Corbally Utd v Pike Rvs, T Duggan, Granville Rgs v Regional Utd, M Weldon

Division 2B League

Caledonians v Southend, M Monahan, Hill Celtic v Glenview, T Mannion, Shannon Town v Charleville, T Meagher

Division 3A League

Moyross v Caherconlish, R McCann, Northside v Murroe, D Brosnan

Division 3B League

Knockainey v Summerville, B Higgins

U-17 Division 1 League

Aisling v Corbally Utd, L O’Sullivan


Ger Ryan Youth Cup Final

Corbally Utd v Ballynanty Rvs, 7.00, Jackman Park, M Bourke, K O’Driscoll, J Curran


(All Games kick off 6.30)

Premier Lge

Aisling A v Corbally Utd, D Power; Fairview Rgs v Geraldines, R McCann

Division 1A

Kilmallock v Caherdavin, F O’Neill; Caherconlish v Pike Rvs, S Rooney Shannon Hibs v Mungret Reg, M Weldon

Division 1B

Hyde Rgs v Murroe, M Bourke; Janesboro B v Cappamore, R Peiper; Prospect Priory v Regional Utd, M Monahan; Charleville v Ballynanty Rvs, T Meagher

Division 2A

Herbertstown v Kennedy Park, K O’Driscoll; Holycross v St Pats, E Noonan; Mungret Reg v Coonagh Utd, B Higgins; Castle Rvs v Geraldines, J Clancy; Weston Villa v Shelbourne, J Curran

Division 3B

Lisnagry v Aisling D, M O’Halloran


Premier League

Pike Rvs V Wembley Rvs, 10.30, G Clancy

Carew Park v Ballynanty Rvs, 10.30, T Duggan

Division 1A League

Moyross v Knockainey, 10.30, R Broe

Division 1B League

Fairview Rgs v Corbally Utd, 10.30, N Casey

Division 2A League

Lisnagry v Athlunkard Villa, 2.00, T Mannion

Division 2B League

Prospect v Hill Celtic, 10.30, J Rooney; Charleville v Summerville, 10.30, M Kiely; St Pauls v Shannon Town, 10.30, M Kavanagh; Glenview Rvs v Abbey Rvs, 2.00, G Clancy

Division 3A League

Moyross v Northside, 2.00, D Broughton

Division 3B League

Coonagh Utd v Parkville, 10.30, L O’Sullivan; Croom Utd v Shelbourne, 10.30, A Whelan; Summerville v Hospital, 10.30, B Curtin; Knockainey v Star Rvs, 2.00, M Kennedy

Division 4 Cup

Hyde Rgs or Hill Celtic v Castle Utd, 2.00, D Reidy; Dromore or Glenview v Cappamore or Moyross, 2.00, K O’Driscoll

Youth Division 1 League

Ballynanty Rvs v Regional Utd, 2.00, J Curran

Youth Division 1 Cup

Fairview Rgs v Corbally Utd, 2.00, M Monahan

U-17 Division 2 Cup

Summerville Rvs v Parkville, 2.00, A Whelan; Caherdavin v Coonagh, 2.00, B Curtin


(All Games kick off 6.30)

Div 1A League

Moyross v Kilmallock, N Casey; Newport v Knockainey, M Kiely

Div 1B League

Regional Utd v Charleville, R Broe

Div 2A League

Weston Villa v Herbertstown, S Rooney

Div 2A Cup

Herbertstown or Geraldines v St Pats, T Duggan

Div 2B League

Summerville v St Pauls, M Weldon

U-17 Division 1 League

Mungret Reg v Corbally Utd, M Kennedy

U-17 Division 2 League

Parkville v Shannon Town, D Reidy; Aisling Annacotty v Summerville Rvs, D Brosnan

Glenview Rvs v Caherdavin Celtic, L O’Sullivan


(All Games kick off 6.30)

Premier League

Regional Utd v Ballynanty Rvs, K Gorman; Wembley Rvs v Corbally Utd, J McNamara; Fairview Rgs v Summerville Rvs, D Power

Div 3A League

Aisling v Moyross, F O’Neill; Granville v Meanus, T Mannion; Newport v Ballylanders, J Clancy; Northside v Caherconlish, J Rooney

Div 3B League

Parkville v Hospital, E Noonan

Division 4

Moyross C v Athlunkard Villa, M O’Halloran; Cappamore B v Dromore Celtic, B Higgins; Castle Utd v Hyde Rgs, R McCann; Shelbourne B v Hill Celtic, T Meagher


Division 1A

Caherdavin 2 Hospital 0; Shannon Town 4 Caherconlish 1; Newport 0 Kilmallock 2

Division 1B

Fairview Rgs B 2 Janesboro 3; Cappamore 6 Prospect Priory 0

Division 2A

St Pats 4 Geraldines 6; Herbertstown 4 Athlunkard Villa 1

Youth League Division 1

Regional Utd 4 Newport 4; Fairview Rgs 3 Corbally Utd 2

Youth League Division 2

Parkville 1 Holycross 5; Star Rvs 1 Aisling 5

U-17 League Div 2

Summerville Rvs 2 Knockainey 1

Division 1A O’Halloran Cup Semi Final

Moyross 3 Mungret Reg 6

Premier League

Carew Park 1 Regional Utd 0; Janesboro 3 Summerville Rvs 0; Corbally Utd 1 Fairview Rgs 0; Ballynanty Rvs 3 Granville Rgs 0; Wembley Rvs 1 Geraldines 2

Division 2A

Castle Rvs 1 Coonagh Utd 5; Weston Villa 7 Kennedy Park 2; Holycross 3 Shelbourne 1

Division 2B

Shannon Town 2 Hill Celtic 3; Southend 8 St Pauls 0; Summerville Rvs 1 Prospect Priory 1; Caledonians 4 Granville Rgs 0

Division 3B

Lisnagry (off) Hospital; Croom Utd 7 Parkville 2; Summerville Rvs 1 Star Rvs 3; Aisling 3 Knockainey 0

Division 4

Dromore Celtic 0 Castle Utd 1; Athlunkard Villa 4 Hyde Rgs 3; Moyross 5 Shelbourne 2

U-17 League Division 1

Regional Utd 1 Corbally Utd 2

U-17 League Division 2

Parkville 3 Glenview 5

Div 3A Power Cup Final

Northside 3 Moyross B 1

Division 1A

Caherdavin 0 Knockainey 1; Pike Rvs B 0 Kilmallock 4; Hospital 0 Moyross 2; Mungret Reg 2 Caherconlish 2; Newport 4 Shannon Town 1

Division 3A

Ballylanders 1 Meanus 1 ; Aisling C 1 Granville Rgs 2

Premier League

Pike Rvs 1 Ballynanty Rvs 0; Janesboro 4 Carew Park 2; Regional Utd 0 Summerville Rvs 0

Division 1B Cup

Fairview Rgs 4 Corbally Utd 1; Aisling Annacotty 3 Janesboro 3 (Aisling won 4-3 on pens aet) ; Charleville 1 Cappamore 3

Division 2A Cup

Herbertstown 3 Geraldines 3; (Herbertstown won 5-4 on pens aet); Kennedy Park 1 Holycross 5; Weston Villa 5 Shelbourne 2; Lisnagry (off) Castle Rvs

Division 2B League

Abbey Rvs 6 St Pauls 1

Division 2B Cup

Summerville Rvs 2 Charleville 1; Glenview Rvs 3 Prospect 0; Caledonians 1 Shannon Town 3

Division 3B Cup

Lisnagry 2 Coonagh Utd 2 (Coonagh won on pens aet); Parkville 4 Hospital 2; Croom Utd 6 Shelbourne 3; Summerville Rvs 3 Knockainey 1

Division 4 League

Athlunkard Villa 0 Castle Utd 0

Division 4 Cup

Hyde Rgs (off) Hill Celtic; Cappamore 2 Moyross 2; (Cappamore won 4-3 on pens aet); Dromore Celtic 1 Glenview Rvs 2

U-17 Division 1

Aisling 2 Mungret Reg 8

U-17 Division 1 Cup

Herbertstown 4 Corbally Utd 2

Youth Division 1 Cup

Newport 1 Regional Utd 5

Youth Div Two Cup

Caledonians 2 Parkville 3; Star Rvs 1 Holycross 5

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