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St Paul’s Sept 14

CROWDED SIDEWALKS: Some time ago an item appeared in these notes with the title “The Myth of the Machine” by the author Louis Mumford. He outlined how society was slowly and surely becoming subject to the mega-machine. Mumford said “that a mega-machine exists when a centralised power structure exerts extraordinary control over people or over nature”; to express this in a different and more basic manner it means that our freedom was being limited by the invasive machine. One could be forgiven for thinking that it was the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that he was referring to.

CROWDED SIDEWALKS: Some time ago an item appeared in these notes with the title “The Myth of the Machine” by the author Louis Mumford. He outlined how society was slowly and surely becoming subject to the mega-machine. Mumford said “that a mega-machine exists when a centralised power structure exerts extraordinary control over people or over nature”; to express this in a different and more basic manner it means that our freedom was being limited by the invasive machine. One could be forgiven for thinking that it was the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that he was referring to.

Although providing possibilities for broader expression and development it simultaneously subverts these possibilities and actually ends up tending toward a diminution of purpose. This may seem to be a ludicrous comment but consider how our freedom is compromised by the motorised vehicle in many different respects.

The surface of several of the footpaths in the Dooradoyle estate have been badly damaged due to the parking of cars on them. This makes thse dangerous for many of the residents who are in their more mature years. With the economic difficulties that many of the local authorities now face it is unlikely that they will be re-surfaced in the near future despite what the Minister for Local Government said some time ago that the monies collected in the property tax would be utilized for local services. One resident whose footpath immediately outside his home was damaged for a long, long time eventually had it repaired and he and nearby neighbours were also presented with the installation of a water meters for the future.

BE ON GUARD: Once upon a time footpaths were for pedestrians only. It was the safest place to perambulate along whether you were walking to take the air or perhaps you had a purpose other than that. You knew that there was little or nothing to impede you as you went along. Other pedestrians were also using the footpath to do the same thing just going about their business. It was rarely that you met with an obstacle or anything to impede you as you walked along; perhaps, a sandwich board advertising some product in a store. Nonetheless, you always felt safe as you walked along.

But like many, many things all that has changed. As a pedestrian now you must be on guard and expect the unexpected. It may be a young or even a not so young cyclist moving at speed along the footpath notwithstanding the fact that immediately outside the footpath there is a specially painted and marked cycle lane. Also you could come into contact with a vehicle that is parked or is about to be parked in such a manner that two wheels are mounted on the path impeding your progress somewhat. If the said vehicle has parked and departed it may have made a subsidence in the path causing the surface to be uneven or worse still created a hole in the path (examples to be seen are on St, Nessan’s Park and Dooradoyle estate and probably more elsewhere). Even if any of the foregoing obstacles are absent one must still be aware that there are other impediments that may cause you a difficulty or slow your progress. There may be a very pre-occupied pedestrian walking along peering intently at his or her mobile phone or I-pad sending a text or reading a text who is totally oblivious to the fact that there are other users on the footpath whom they may propel themselves accidentally against you or vice-versa. Using the footpaths now obliges you to be on guard at all times for your own safety. Have a nice day.

SHINE A LIGHT: What is termed and reported each day as News can be tedious and depressive especially in these times of economic uncertainty. Whether it is on the air-waves or in the newspapers it can be repetitive and sometime trite but more often than not it will be what can be classified as bad news. In many instances we are shown the dark side of human life and very often what is being reported are stories that occur during the hours of darkness. Needless to remark that is what newspapers do which is to report the happenings in our society. True, all the readers are unlikely to be interested in the same stories, good or bad and therefore the Editor has, so to speak, to make a generalisation as to what his readers will find interesting whilst at the same time keeping a sharp commercial eye on what will make his or her paper sell. However, it is also unlikely that all the readers will be interested in bad stories. There has to be good stories in our society that are happening each week if not each day that might be worth reporting and that readers will find interesting. So why are these not reported? It can hardly be that the majority of people are only interested in bad or salacious and evil happenings? We live in a civilised country and we are more civil than evil so there has to be some good stories out there that depict the positive images of our society and that will also appeal to readers. A case in point is the ‘Limerick Going for Gold’ series which was inaugurated last year and now has more people than before competing. This is an example of communities working together for the greater good of all in their neighbourhood and in the wider community. These could stimulate others to emulate and to contribute to even greater altruism in our society. So with respect the request in this note is to ‘Shine a Light’ on them in this paper a bit more frequently.

Always remember to forget the troubles that pass your way.

But never forget the blessings that come with each new day.

RECENTLY ANNOUNCED: It has just been announced recently that September 20 is the date selected for to be ‘ the cultural day’ when access to all cultural events in the city and county will be free to the general public. This is an opportunity for members of the public to attend all or any of the entertainment events functioning in the city and county free of charge on this day..

GRAVE MATTERS: Both Limerick City and County Councils have compiled a record of all families with loved ones interred in Mount St. Laurence graveyard and also the extension graveyard St. Oliver. They undertook this mammoth task some time ago and with the much appreciated assistance of students in Mary Immaculate College on the South Circular road and its archivist they have compiled a very comprehensive data-base of all those interred in graves in the grave-yards. This should prove to be most interesting to all citizens with members of family interred there. This data-base and associated genealogy was launched by the Mayor of Limerick, Ms. Kathleen Leddin on Thursday, August 22.

The Councils that have been instrumental in gathering all this information are hoping to hear from people about their families and to record their experiences and any other related anecdotes that would be of interest about family and relatives interred in graves. If you can provide photographs and any other paraphernalia associated with your family’s grave they would be interested also. All your memories, photographs and stories are to be compiled in a social history of the cemetery and of changing funeral practices

All information should be forwarded to either Matthew or Marie at 061/407186 or contact either one for further details.

CREDIT UNION: .The Mungret/St.Paul’s Credit Union ( MPCC) announce its new Educational Loan with a very attractive interest rate of 6.5% (6.7% APR). Borrowing money to finance your education or training is an everyday part of life. Fortunately your local Credit Union makes it that bit easier for you.

Whether it’s to pay for school uniforms or books in Primary or Secondary school or the increased expenses and fees associated with Third Level Education, this new loan, available for members and their families, is one of the most competitive Educational loans available anywhere. It also covers the purchase of PCs, laptops and educational software.

In the current economic climate more and more people are up-skilling themselves and this discounted loan rate is also available to members who are taking part in Adult Education or further studies to assist them with these costs. Education loans from MPCC Credit Union have the following advantages that you will not receive from other financial institutions.

• Designed to meet all education or training needs.

• FREE Loan Protection Insurance and FREE Life Savings Insurance at no direct cost to qualified applicants.

• No hidden fees or transaction charges.

• Repayments are calculated on the reducing balance of the loan. This means smaller interest repayments as you repay your loan.

• You can repay the loan earlier with no penalty.

• Additional lump sum repayments can be made with no penalties.

• Flexibility to make larger repayments than agreed with no penalty should you wish to repay the loan earlier than agreed

Compare the real cost of a loan from MPCC Credit Union with that of other financial institutions, take into account the advantages and you will think you’re better off talking with MPCC first. This low interest loan is just another one of the benefits in being a member of your local community based credit union. Please contact any of the offices for further details on this loan and its terms and conditions. A loan repayment table is also available on the Mungret/St. Paul’s website . Best of luck to all the members currently awaiting their exam results.

A.A. MEETINGS: The St. Paul’s group of Alcoholics Anonymous meets in the St. Paul’s national school on three evenings of the week at 20.30hours. They come together on each Monday, Thursday and Saturday. If you are having difficulty with your drinking habits you are cordially invited and are welcome.

RE-OPENED: Many people regretted the closing of the Jesuit church in the Crescent during the past number of years. The community of the Sacred Heart of Jesus had left the building and the nearby residence.

A new community of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest are now resident there and they worship and administer in the church each day and they are endeavouring to restore it as a place of worship. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is now celebrated in Latin on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8.30am each morning and on Friday at 7.30pm

REGISTER OF ELECTORS: By now most people will have put the last referendum and any thought about elections out of their minds but there is to be a local election taking place next May when the present City Council and the County Council will be part of history and the new numerically reduced Council will be elected to administer for the extended city If you were not able to cast your vote in the last referendum because you were not on the register of electors but you would like to be able to do so on the next occasion you should check if your name is on the register of electors now. You may do this by going to the County Hall, Dooradoyle road or to any Post Office or Library and checking if your name and address are on it. If you are not thereon you have until next Tuesday, September 17 before 5.0pm to have your name included on a supplement to the register of electors. To do this you are obliged to acquire an application form RFA2 or RFA3 and sign it in the presence of a Garda at your local Gaqrda station. There are a number of conditions necessary also that a person must comply with to do this. The referenda will take place on October 4 and the polls will open at 7.0am and remain open until 10.0pm .

SEE YOUR WAY: If you have spectacles (glasses) that you no longer use or that have been replaced by new glasses the International Lions club is collecting them for recycling to a developing country. It is its intention to pass them on to developing countries for use where they will be of benefit. If you wish to dispose of your old spectacles there is a box in the porch-way of the Dooradoyle library where they are collected. Your voluntary gesture of disposed spectacles will be beneficial and very welcome.

SHAPE UP: Getting fit and in shape is now something that many people are paying more attention to especially since the fine summer weather commenced. An enterprising young man has opened the’ Better Body Bootcamp ‘every Thursday morning 10am and every Wednesday evening 7pm in Mungret Gaa club will be ideal for you. You can participate in a variety of exercises including Boxercise, Circuit training, Body toning. For more info contact John on 087-9115411 or jean on 086-1025906.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: The Mungret/St. Paul’s Credit Union that has been an advocate for community advancement and promotion has joined with the Citizens Information Board MPCC Credit Union has invited the Citizens Information Board to visit their Dooradoyle office on the last Wednesday of every month to provide a drop-in clinic and meet with members who wish to avail of their services. The Citizens Information Board provide information, advice and advocacy on a broad range of public and social services

Information and advice is provided on a free, confidential, independent and impartial basis to all.

The service will begin on Wednesday, March 27th when a representative from the Citizens Information Board will be in attendance from 10.30am - 12.30pm in Dooradoyle. The clinic will take place in a private room and operate on a drop-in basis with no appointments necessary.

Having this service on your doorstep is a real benefit of being a member of the credit union and MPCC encourages members to avail of this service if you have any queries or concerns regarding public services or your rights and entitlements. Remember this service is only available once each month on the last Wednesday of the month.

DOG WASTE: There is a dog waste box mounted on a pole on the Dooradoyle road. It is in a prominent and very obvious position. It has been placed on a pole almost at eye-level so that dog owners will have little difficulty in disposing of dog waste if the case should arise. Walking along the Dooradoyle road most of the times it is obvious that many dog owners use this route to exercise their animal. It is also obvious that many owners do not bring a small bag with them to gather the waste and dispose of it. Not to do so displays an act of irresponsibility and dis-regard for other pedestrians.

Should a dog owner have walked past the waste box provided by the local authority and be further up the long Dooradoyle road there is also a waste box at the Veterinary Clinic

OSTEOFIT: Osteofit classes have resumed in the Mungret/St. Paul’s GAA clubhouse since Monday, September 2 at 12.00. These classes are for adults and the aim is to make participants more active by exercise that strengthens density of bones, improve posture and balance. Persons who are interested can get more information on and the first introductory class is free. Thereafter it costs €8 per class and there is no obligation on anyone to attend except as they please. It is a good social outlet as well for flexibility and relaxation.

LIMERICK MENTAL HEALTH: Another organization seeking help financially is the Limerick Mental Health association and it is holding the annual Galtees mountain climb on Saturday, September 14. It is asking all participants to seek sponsorship as much as possible to help in the work of the association. There will be experienced guides on the climb to help all participants who commence the climb from the Kilbeheny side at 9.30am. This is a non-profit association that promotes positive mental health for those experiencing mental difficulties.

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