Councillor claims walking routes are a ‘minefield of dog excrement’

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

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CLLR MARY Jackman has hit out at dog owners who do not scoop up their dog’s doo doo.

CLLR MARY Jackman has hit out at dog owners who do not scoop up their dog’s doo doo.

Elderly people have slipped and mums and dads have to wash their buggies’ wheels when they get home, she said.

The county councillor was speaking at a Castleconnell electoral area meeting where provision of dog fouling bins/disposal units on the Newtown/Monaleen/Castletroy walking routes were on the agenda.

“There is a popular walking path there that is very well used and not just by residents. Consistently, when you go out walking there is dog fouling.

“I’ve seen mums and dads pushing buggies, having to go through the dirt and then having to wash their buggies’ wheels when they get home.

“I simply cannot understand how some dog owners don’t bring bags, collect their dog excrement and dispose of it properly,” said Cllr Jackman, who stresses that many dog walkers are civically minded but others are spoiling it for everybody.

Walkers in the vicinity of Castletroy’s park have no excuse because Limerick County Council installed a pooper scooper there, she says.

Along with the Demesne in Newcastle West they were the first ones in the county put in place.

It has twin benefits as it provides dog owners with poop bags to enable them to clean up after their dogs and dispose of the waste, while at the same time safeguarding public health.

Unfortunately no matter what you do some won’t use them, said Cllr Jackman

“I walk that route regularly and do the full circle. It is a minefield of excrement. Elderly people have slipped and sometimes I’ve seen parents pushing buggies having to go out on the road to get away from it which is very dangerous too,” said Cllr Jackman, who has often raised the issue of dog fouling and the wider problem of littering.

John Sheehan, executive engineer Limerick County Council, said new signs were to be erected with information of the fines for dog fouling.

Meanwhile, Cllr Noel Gleeson said dumping of rubbish in the county is “rampant” while Cllr Eddie Wade said the dumping was “unreal”.

He has seen everything from a dead pony to mattresses to black bin bags dumped near his home.