Limerick weather: Sunny spells and scattered showers

Limerick weather: Sunny spells and scattered showers

LIGHT rain and drizzle will clear most places, and these will be followed by sunny spells and scattered showers.

Rain will linger in southern counties for a time in the morning clearing slowly through the afternoon.

Highest temperatures of between three and six 6 degrees Celsius in moderate north to northwest winds.

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Turning colder for the rest of the week with widespread frosts at nights. Showery conditions, with falls of rain, sleet and hail. Good sunny spells too.

Tonight will see rain along eastern coasts at first, with some sleet and snow on high ground in the Irish Sea. Scattered blustery showers, mainly in the western half of the country will also turn wintry at times overnight. A frost will set in with good clear spells and lowest temperatures of minus two to plus two degrees in a light to moderate westerly wind, fresher on western and southern coasts.

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