Limerick on the Up: OSS makes ‘safe space’ work for you

Limerick on the Up: OSS makes ‘safe space’ work for you

The OSS team, ready and waiting to attend to your health and safety needs

The phone rings: “We’ve had an accident...Can you help us?”

“Thankfully we don’t get this call very often, but it has happened, and it is a very sobering experience,” says Ned O’Dwyer, managing director of OSS.

O’Dwyer Safety Services Ltd, known as OSS, have been providing health and safety services to Limerick’s business community, and nationwide, for 20 years.

Limerick has seen a lot of change in that time and OSS is proud to have been a respected service provider to many established organisations and institutions while also supporting many new and developing SMEs across the whole business spectrum.

“We are also proud to have been involved in several key local construction projects during that period including the Limerick Main Tunnel, Regeneron’s construction projects, Limerick City and County Council housing refurbishment, the Gaelic Grounds refurbishment, Munster Rugby Centre of Excellence, the New Limerick Courthouse, Thomond Park redevelopment and Limerick’s Ring Road,” says Mr O'Dwyer.

Reflecting on the maturity and the development of Limerick’s business safety culture, he adds, “We recognise that some organisations have thoroughly embraced managing their health and safety risks and made major improvements, whilst others still have an attitude that health and safety is “not a priority” and that it will all be grand… until something goes wrong!

“Health and Safety is often seen just as a paperwork burden and, while it can be if not approached correctly, the focus of any effective health and safety management must first and foremost be about the people at work.”

The Health and Safety Authority’s vision of “healthy, safe and productive lives and enterprises” is a shared vision that OSS hopes all Limerick businesses adopt.

“There are opportunities for all businesses to continually improve their workplace safety through communication with people, planning safe and practical processes and adapting to technology,” says Mr O'Dwyer.

“So, take the opportunity to ask your employees about workplace safety. Do you know what the top ten dangers are to your workforce? Are you confident that you are managing these dangers effectively and efficiently in your workplace?

“Providing practical work processes and training helps develop employees’ personal skills that can be applied not just in the workplace but also in everyday life.”

Most of us know of someone with a “bad back” or a “workplace injury” and how it has affected their everyday enjoyment of life. Prevention is always better than cure. Providing your employees with hands-on health and safety tools and training such as work planning, the safe use of work equipment, task-specific manual handling, the know-how to implement emergency plans ,applying first aid techniques and reporting and communicating dangers in the workplace are all the basic tools to promote workplace behaviours that reduce everyday risks to employees.

Regular health and safety consultation with your workforce and planning together how to best manage the dangers at work is common sense, but how many organisations actually incorporate this common-sense process into everyday work practices?

Fortunately, if your business is not currently top of the class in health and safety and might need some support or improvements, OSS is ready and willing to assist. Getting practical health and safety advice is an essential part of every successful business and OSS is committed to providing our clients with workable, professional health and safety resources that are designed to meet their specific business needs.

Not sure where to start or what you need? Call or email OSS to book a safety consultation and join the growing list of Limerick businesses striving for Health and Safety excellence.

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