Huge excitement as Tiny the dog is found 11 months after being stolen

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Huge excitement as Tiny the dog  is found 11 months after being stolen

Tiny got a clean bill of health from Cloyne Vets

AN EMLY family are over the moon this Wednesday after being reunited with their stolen dog after 11 months of “torture”.

Tiny, a terrier, was stolen by a man in a car at Bartoose, Emly last August. Emma Carroll, owner, set up a Facebook page called Bring Tiny Home and has been searching for her beloved dog ever since. She never gave up hope.

Her aunt, Mary Breen, chairperson of Limerick IFA Farm Family committee, contacted the Limerick Leader this Wednesday evening with the good news.

“I was just putting a rhubarb tart into the oven when I got a text. The gardai and the ISPCA swooped on a house in an estate in Cork this morning. They took the dog, scanned her and it was Tiny,” said Mary, who somehow managed not to drop the tart in the excitement. It is understood it is all thanks to a kindhearted member of the public who had recognised Tiny.

Emma went to Cork this morning in case it was Tiny.

"Tiny recognised Emma immediately. Tiny jumped up on her lap and licked her face. They brought her down home to Emly. Tiny went straight back up to her spot on the couch and she went in and out under the hedge where she used always go.

"It was the very same as if she was never gone. She is perfect. The vet checked her out and she is absolutely fine. A lot of searching has been done for Tiny. They are over the moon,” said Mary.  

Emma took to Facebook and shared the good news on her Bring Tiny Home page.

“Words fail us at this time. It’s been 11 months of torture. But we had a breakthrough thanks to a wonderful member of the public, who gave us important information and a solid lead to our girl’s whereabouts. We were reunited with Tiny this morning and she is now home safe and sound.

“Thank you to the wonderful person who contacted us, they know who they are. Without their help our girl would still be missing. Thank you to the ISPCA and the gardai, who successfully reclaimed her.

“Thank you to the wonderful Sinead at Cloyne Vets who downed tools and gave Tiny a full check over and treatment. Finally, a huge thank you to all of you, who kept sharing this page and Tiny’s plight,” said Emma, who concluded her post with an important message.

“Never, ever lose hope, sometimes it’s all you have to cling to but it’s worth clinging to! And please microchip and register. It’s the most important proof of ownership you can bestow on your pet.”

In just over an hour Emma’s good news received over 3,500 ‘likes' and 1,200 comments.