Objections filed against classroom development at Limerick city school

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh



Objections filed against classroom development at Limerick city school

THE DEVELOPMENT of a temporary three-classroom prefab at a city secondary school has received objections from local residents on the grounds it would “interfere with [their] privacy”.

The Board of Management of Laurel Hill Colaiste submitted an application to build a single storey prefab building which would accommodate three classrooms, including ancillary site works, on March 12. 

Limerick City and County Council gave the proposed the development the green light on June 17, subject to a number of conditions.

Prior to the green light, a local couple submitted an objection to the plans on April 12.

Files show the couple were objecting to the three prefabs as “it will overlook our property and interfere with our privacy. Also the noise level and extra footfall around our property will not be acceptable”.

In submissions on behalf of the secondary school, architects Healy and Partners said, in response to the couple’s comments, that they will build a welded mesh fence around the footprint “in order to prevent any student access into the green area that bounds to neighbours properties”.

It added: “Regarding comments on overlooking, we would wish to state that the proposed prefab building is a single storey building and that no overlooking arises.

“Regarding the comments relating to noise and footfall, both Laurel Hill schools have been working to reduce the use of the Summerville Avenue entrance as a school management issue and in order to reduce traffic congestion that can arise primarily at school start times. This effort to manage access through this entrance will remain ongoing. The use of the Summerville Avenue entrance is an established use and enjoyed by the school for many years.”